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I can't express how much I love this - it's super charming and fun!! I can't wait to see more of it!


I found this game in the middle of my own breakdown about what I'm doing with my life and something possessed me to play it, and honestly it really helped. It's beautifully written and I love the visuals. It really helped calm me down and I related to the feelings in it. The poetry was especially lovely. Thank you for making this.

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Hello! I was wondering if, in a future update, it'd be possible to make the right/left eyes have different colours from each other? Also being able to move the eyes closer or further together would be super cool, but I understand that's probably hard to do lol. Having a couple ponytail options would be super cool too! One high and one low maybe?

I love this program a lot, I hope to watch it keep improving! 

This game honestly made me cry throughout a lot of it. I related very heavily to the feelings as a very traumatized repeated SA victim, and as a trans person. Something about it puts into words things I can barely even think without spiraling into dissociation. Thank you for telling your story. 

Hi! I want to start off by saying that I really enjoyed the game, but I unfortunately ran into a lot of errors.

I found that the English version had a lot of issues with repeating dialogue, typos, and untranslated sections. I had trouble following some things due to that. It'd kind of go something like this;

Me: Hello, it's been a while!

Person: Hi, how are you?

Me: Hello, it's been a while!

Person: That's great to hear! 

I think this caused me to miss some crucial dialogue in some places unfortunately. I think the game would benefit from another look-over by the translator(s) to see the inconsistencies and hopefully fix them. 

There were also some issues with portraits not appearing, or glitches in which I'd done a puzzle correctly (like the tea) but got more than one outcome; such as that Althea liked her tea, but then in the next line she hated her tea, or that I would be presented two options but one wouldn't work and they'd lead to the same dialogue branch. For example, if option 1 was "Hello" and option 2 was "Goodbye", then no matter what I chose, I would end up saying "Hello" in some choices. I do not know if the Spanish version has these issues, because I cannot read Spanish. 

Other than that, Dear Althea is wonderfully done! I've played many visual novels and went in with the usual expectations that I have, but I was very impressed by the story and just how much artwork there is! I can tell it truly took a lot of work. I hope the issues can be fixed at some point.

I really enjoyed both stories!! They were both very heartfelt. I really adored the premise for The Android and the Crone, and it was written very well. Flourish in just the right places without being too much, and it reads in a nostalgic way like folklore would. 

I hope there are more updates. I can't wait! 

It'd be on the wrong side while drawing. There's a left-handed mode you need to toggle before flipping it.

You can switch it in the config file - SpudTabletArmSettings. You can open it in Notepad.

If you open that, there's a section called [Modes] and under that has;

;To make Spud Arm left-handed, you need to set LeftyMode to true and then Transform -> Flip Horizontal the captured Spud Arm source in your streaming software.

LeftyMode = false

change the word "false" to "true", save the file, and then in OBS (or whatever you use), just flip the window source. That way it'll be left-handed without your pen being on the wrong side of the tablet while you're drawing. Hope this helps!

That's all the achievement I need!! lol 

Cute small game!

I may have misunderstood the assignment though. Does this count as an achievement?

I played through the game on website and it's not broken, you just can't hide in a closet if John is in the room. You have to be pretty fast about it. 

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I love this game so much, it's so fun and I love the entire vibe of it. It made me sob laughing. Great job!! I'd love to see more games in this style.

Thank you for making this game. It's such a comfort to me and I adore it so much. If I had a MAC rather than a Windows I would make my computer look exactly like the one in the game. It was such a wonderful experience and it means so much to be as a trans person.

I binged the first two acts and I'm super sad that I can't play the rest yet! The whole start of the game I just went "I hate these dorks" and now I'm like "I love these dorks" - I'm going for Hans though. I hope there will be a special ending you can get where it's a poly triad, because that could be kinda cute. 

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I'm really confused. I played the demo and there was so much more content. The art was updated and very clean, but now it seems like... There's much less content. There are less endings and choices. It's like the story got cut short... Is the demo newer than this version?