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Ah, sad. Keep up the great work though!

Is there any goal to reach? I see that there is a hidden rank thingy and I see that there is a day counter but I've done a bunch of stuff and nothing has happened yet... curious about the rank thing. Is there an ending?

Just wanted to say, I fucking loved the game. Got every ending. Amazingly made: looks great, sounds great, runs great, story is great, characters are amazing... literally everything is fantastic. My only problem is that I personally hate polygamy but still 10/10. However, I'm  curious. I was never able to get the eager character type, unless keen and eager are the same. Any thoughts?

I love this game and the creator is truly talented. But I would really love to see more s*x scenes with some of the other girls: Sana, Miku, Maya, and Rin to be specific. 

Could you maybe not use a type RAR file? It's obnoxious to use and download. 

Yeah, this game needs some serious work

Also I was wondering about cheat codes... what are they, what do they do, and how do I get them?

Hey developer, I really love the game. I just came to ask, when will everyone have an H scene, if everyone even will at all? My favorite characters don't have any, so I'm curious.

Awesome thank you so much. Love the game btw, keep up the great work!

This is a question for the developer. Are there going to be more sex scenes with the girls that don't currently have any in the future? (Mostly asking about Miku and Sana cuz I like them a lot)

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So, I know you're supposed to progress with all the girls in able to unlock all the scenes, but I can't help but be curious. Are there any sex scenes with Miku or Sana, and if not, will there be any added in future updates?

When do you expect the sex sims will be fully fleshed out and will they be included in a public release?

I got stuck trying to exit block B to go to the nighty's. Any suggestions?

Yo this game is actually fucking incredible! Good job and I hope you keep it up! Is it still in development and will there be more continuation of the story?

Will Vel appear in future VNs?