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Any plans for a physical release?

Are there any new updates in regards to this game and the show it's being used for?  I've been binging the episodes and really enjoy it.

As per this image I am sharing, all that is says is that you can use advanced skills to test a roll.   That still does not clearly outright tell me how to roll for that test.  All mechanics should be  explicitly detailed step by step.

Okay, but nowhere on the page you mentioned does it say I use the character skill points for the check factor.  As someone who has never played Troika  before, how was I supposed to know that???

So the author doesn't work for you all?  And doesn't this game use the Troika! system?

How come you responded to this comment, but not the one I made 12 days ago?  I also left a comment on the Kickstarter page that never got answered either. 

So when players roll for checks, what number are they trying to roll under and how do their powers affect the final total?  The book is very vague on how it works and doesnt give any sort of checks table to use.

Any possible plans for a physical book?

Are there any new updates about this game?  I can't find anything when I try googling it.

Emailed them and just got the digital files!  Can't wait to play this! 

I purchased the physical book from Knave Cups just recently.  Does it come with the pdf as well?

Is there going to be a character sheet at some point?

I didn't see a comments section for this game, so I'm making this for people to leave suggestions or fixes as they go over the game.

The majority of Mork Borg content is free or offers community copies since most people don't have extra cash lying around, especially if it's for just a pdf file.

Community copies?

No community copies?

I think there's a typo on the GM page.  The Devils chart says 3d6, but only shows two separate columns.  Should it say 2d6 instead?

Can you explain a bit more how the skills get their numbers from the stats?

Ah okay, that makes sense 👍🏻

So, I'm confused what the gameplay mechanics are supposed to be for this.  There's no instructions on how to play.