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I have to comment something funny, Uhhhmm... uuhhhhh... UHh, Pee pee poo poo.

How do I make a flower?

Every time it said that it was too dark and I kept screaming "USE THE F**KING LIGHTER!!".

Well, it definitely looks like it's screaming in intense pain and agony because it wants to die but it can't, so it's stuck in an endless cycle or torment and pain as it feels itself die over and over to no end.

Honestly, I agree, it's really strong and has a lot of mobility, it's cooldown isn't that bad and it's pretty easy to make, making it an all-around pretty great weapon!

Don't hate that it's hard, maybe it's just not the right kind of game for you, some people like a little challenge.

No, it's actually pretty hard depending on what device you're on sometimes. It's easy with a mouse but with anything else, it's hard for me, but I honestly like the challenge of it and the progression you make along the way.

I didn't let mine die I just punched it until it started moving again. Fun fact, it worked.

Just saying.

That's a good point, honestly I don't know how anyone could argue against that.

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Maybe they can't walk properly, and that's why they need to shoot to move, also because recoil would push the cart they are in.

Yeah, this makes sense why you called it that.

Oh my god, this took me half an hour to realize I could double-jump, and then I realized that I wasted 30 minutes senselessly jumping without knowing where I was and not knowing I could double-jump to get where I wanted. But it's a fun game and challenging.

Of course, I will probably never find out, because I can't hit one several times because eventually I'll be swarmed by a massive mob of enemies.

Are the trees able to be destroyed(or killed) or do they just have a lot of hp?

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I hope for teh papyrus

ah, thank you

What's the tasty fly

"This one time is found a shoe on the side of the road, and i put it on my foot. The shoe was too small but i thought it was mine because I lost my shoe earlier and it popped right on! Then I realized that shoe on the side of the road WAS my shoe! And it wasn't too small after all there was a family of mice living in it. I named them! You wanna know what I named them porkrind? I named mama ding! I named the papa ding ding! And I named the baby E̷͒͝E̶͌͐É̶͗E̷̿̍È̷̀È̶͠È̴͋E̸̳̎Ë̷́͝Ë̵́͌E̶̊̿É̷̆É̴̛E̴̛̾Ẽ̵̈́E̵͗́E̸̾̿E̷̋̒E̷͌͗Ȅ̵̀E̵͐̓E̸̐͘Ë̶̛́E̶͑͘E̷̐͆E̴͆̚Ē̴̑E̷̍̂È̵̃Ë̸̠́É̴͘Ẽ̵̒E̸͛͜E̴̔͌E̵̎̆E̵̎̅E̴͒͘Ȅ̴̫Ē̵̟E̸͗̌É̶̅E̴̛̿È̴̐Ë̸́̎-"

I made it to 72 and died to a green archer because the hitbox on the lvl 60 form is so hard to understand and I missed him. 😐🔫

It happened with me too.

This runs really well, it's hard but really fun to progress and spill some blood.

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i = Bendy

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Im exite for mostly just finn and jake, and maybe PB i dunn0


Challeng-edd you mean

It will come out sometime after people stop asking when it comes out and when people shut up about crab game.

why make a new level tho? why do you think he made this? He's not gonna update it, it's just a little game he made he's not gonna update it. so let him work on Karlson, which is gonna be way better than this, it's just a stupid little game to play with ragdolls and crush tiny cavemen, this is by no means bad but the people who can play it who actually have a headset, should grateful that they can actually play this because some people can't, he's not adding more levels, I'm sure of that. Not until Karlson is finished, or never. So stop asking.

N O          U

Wait, it's all "Thicc"?