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Replied to Marcus in Apollon comments

it seems I have to hit enter twice every time (windows 10, chrome,firefox & edge). also when you enter too big a number you get "seed must be an integer". I think you should accept anything (build your seed digit by digit and let it wrap around its 32bits). even better yet, make a hash from actual text, so you can actually name the planet!

not sure you need another button if you can debug the text box. the dice button should also generate the planet though.

nice little toy btw :)

changing the seed does nothing. you can "refresh", but how do you "generate" a planet?

Posted in TIC-80 comments

hi vadim!

given the name I was expecting(hoping) some kind of pico8 with nes characteristics (like 256x240, nes palette with its restriction etc.) that would have been something I can root for. but right now nesbox looks too much like a mere mindless pico8 clone, right down to its font. that's a little shady even(especially) if it's free.

why be a copycat? embrace 16:9! have 160x90 with db32 palette, 320x180xdb16, 640x360x4 shades of green or amber, have a 8x8 character set with LOWERCASE! have the tools benefit from a higher resolution ! have fast fantasy-hardware-accelerated rasterisation (rectangle,circle,disc,triangle...)! have hardware sprites with collision callback and whatnot! ditch lua for lisp! (joking, don't do that)...

...and find another name ;)

keep up the good work anyway, and make it count. wish you luck!

looks really really good, keep up the good work !