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sorry I just saw this, I'm using the itch launcher and that's what I did too. It was launching for me and it would run up until I clicked new game and then it would crash. It could very well just be a problem for me though and either way installing the windows version solved the issue.

you liked a reply of mine on twitter so I decided to check this out and i've only played a little but it's a lot of fun, very excited for the full version :)

sorry just got back to this, thanks for going through all this trouble, I do indeed have NW.js installed. Also I went ahead and installed the windows version on my machine through the itch app and it was able to actually run.

playing on linux, every time i click new game it crashes.

yeah i had the same problem

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this game is really cool and idk if I just can't solve the puzzle but I got the button from the woman and opened the control panel and all that and now i just can't do anything. it said don't touch so i thought maybe i had to sit and not touch anything on my computer for a certain amount of time or something but it didn't work. the loop just continues with no new options or things to interact with.

Edit: just played through again and i had no glitch this time. Also now i'm crying thinking about the monotony of my own life, i think i'm gonna try and change it. thank you.

fuck... that was good

god this is sick!!