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UltimatumX Mk II

A member registered Nov 06, 2016

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And please, return all the maps except Interference and make Meeting point and Ambidextrous symmetrical.

Looks good, but now assault needs up. Maybe fire without delay or smth.

Extremely agree!

Omg, do you really removed all of this maps???

Interference and Back to Back are bad, but another 3 are awesome. Ambidextrous looks not symmetrical and require fix, another two are awesome and there are lot of strategies to win!

Please back those 3 maps.

This is new action and condition for AI editor, not for player hands)

Would be useful to mark(A,B,C,D...) my/enemy bots in battle. So action "mark(A)" and condition isMarked(A)

1. Mark allies/enemies in the beginning for further usage

2. Situation: my 3 shotguns shoot to an enemy with resource in short range, if it has <50% I would like to use 1 of my bots to be ready to pick up resource and start to move to enemy before it died. Nor 3 bots, but only 1. So result of "mark self as A" must be only 1 bot.

Well in short, if we have several bots we can't distinguish - mark one of them.

Yeah, really shotgun sound))

in battle

Steps to reproduce:

In training:

Duplicate or create new AI -> rename it -> set to some bot -> click Ready -> click Restart -> AI above your drone will be changed to first in your AI list.

PC, Windows 8, 5.0.5

I hear extra noise.

Steps to reproduce: Open game -> click Training -> choose any map -> back to map list -> choose another map -> and you will hear.

If you dont hear - choose another map couple of times.

PC, Windows 8, 5.0.5

Here is much more time then 0.2 seconds.

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I reproduced and localized this:

While deployment state in training or multiplayer I want to use Shift + AI to set this AI to every bot on the map and the same with bot class.

I would like to show off my AI as it is, not screenshot. To open and save it at my friend's client.

Yes, PC. The only match with broken condition.

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Already good, will be little OP with aim conditions.

OP. Balance ruiner)

UP. Useless 7 cells of HP. Maybe faster shooting needed.

The most interesting class

Im sure it was false all the time, in other cases it worked correctly.

Works fine in the same situation in training with this AI:

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So my lovely ultimative bot didn't see closest enemy and picked up wrong resource and I lost.

Worked properly before but now.

Version 5.0.5