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thanks for taking a look and letting me know about all the files needing to be zipped. I didn’t realize that about the files. We plan to upload when the jam voting is over so I will definitely let you know. 

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thanks for letting us know. And for taking a look :)

much better in the sense that the jumps are do able but I think having the shoot and jump tied to the same button is awkward.

The art is great and Iove the animation. The Jumping is kind of hard though.

thanks :)

thank you. I think our coder was quite worried about it being a good idea. I am quite happy with how much I managed to model in such a short frame of time. The music definitely does wonders :)

lol the journal entries are great.


was interesting. Never played a game like that before :)

This is beautiful and plays well. I think the water bar is a neat idea. 

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thanks for playing.I took out the player model.I think that helps.

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thanks for playing. :) yeah I am not sure how to get it either but I did lower the log so you can jump on it now :) . I did make the camera a little better I hope by taking out the frog model

very fun to play.The music and art are also great.

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The game looks great. Plays well except as some people have mentioned its a bit hard to jump and the fly timers a little short due to this. Maybe difficulty setting? Also was little hard to tell the edge of the ground for the tutorial .

Really adorable.great art. Love the changing seasons. The UI  was kind of small for the stats though and the exit button doesn’t work. It was also hard to tell if I was feeding the frog. The movement though and attacks felt great.

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the music and sound effects are amazing. I didn’t get to listen the first time I played. I think the true false questions where a good idea adds some variety. One thing I think is the button to close the leader board if you could shift or make it a bit bigger it  would be nice. It’s just that in the browser for mobile the expand button is over it. I managed to tap it though .

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It looks great and plays great on mobile :)

This was really cool.I only played a little bit and plan to play it a bit more. I was a little confused on where to go once I exited the house though. The voice intro bit was also cool.

ah okay thank you :D

Hello I am not sure if I am doing something wrong but in unity when I slice by grid size it doesn't seem to work . I really like the art and was wondering if I missed something.

thanks for playing and commenting :). I’m not sure about the player controls since I did art but I will let the coder know to read your comment. About the extra jumps I think the plan was the Dino’s could hop onto the tops of buildings but that got cut but the extra jumps were left in. I do agree about the UI being weird I made fixes just need to do a post. thank you for playing.

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This is super cute and functional.Well until you do stuff you are not meant to like you said.

Thank you.

super cute

I love this.The sound is also a nice touch.

I really like the idea and execution of this. :)

I also like the attention to aesthetic.