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when is the full game coming out?

how do you unlock the safe? i have the code but it wont open

thanks! that was helpful /g

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such a cool game!! any tips on getting the good ending?

how do you read the diary properly?

computer has been figured out 2

ok i figured out how to open the closet and open the diary, but im still confused on the rest

SPOILERS (asking for help)

i have a few questions- how do you open the closet, burn the flesh, open the diary,  and read the stuff on the computer?

sorry about the *extremely* late reply, but i dont think i solved any puzzles yet, and im in the entry way. in my inv i have the jewelery making kit,  a flashlight, childrens scissors, garden shears, portable curling iron, kitchen rag, and stephanies glasses

i never checked my notifications here until now- ill go check what all is there

SPOILERS (asking for help)

im gone through the entire house twice and done every command i can think of, so now im stumped on what to do from here, ive found heather, and looked at everything, so now im stuck

thats really helpful! ill keep that in mind!