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Glad to see another FM 2nd creator here!!

O caminhão tá muito lento pra pegar os objetos, mas os gráficos estão ótimos 

In the Game file there is a GanbatteKarate.exe. Just click on it!

You wished the bosses are not-playable? lol

I'm glad you liked, we're planning 4 seasons and at least 30 more regular chars and a lot of comissioneds, that we already have 8

Hello person, did you already played Ganbatte Karate?
First Season released in 1st of February and new DLCs are coming!

Thanks dude, we put a lot of effort on this!

We can play online with PARSEC

Thank you person!!

Will you "translate" your MV's Plugins to MZ? Because they're awesome! 

Thanks for your answer!

That's nice!
Fits in my project because will have a fixed Armor for the protagonist, but will lock the armor for all the Armors in the game, or just the ones listed?  

I will test and rate it! :)

Awesome!! Doing a article for a brazilian website right now!

Awesome, thanks in advance!

When i start a concept design i show you!

Do oyu have a page with all your plugins? I'm really interested!

 Dude, soon i will make a project and this plugin is awesome to simulate Samurai Duels, so tell me how i can have it for comercial purposes, if my future crowdfunding campaign be a success?