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where can I find the Branch?

I dont understand, how can I acquire the Branch? I take down any tree it would only drop wood, and there is faber and food, flower but Branch I can find........

I download the game successfully, but issue appears when I start the game. it is nothing but  all black the screen, with no image, however I can listening the music and some special sounds when I press ENTER(I think i just start a new game) except I cannot see anything on the screen, a black screen with a little white button on the upper-left corner which will direct to an website when clicked by the way. So thats the problem maybe because the resolution? 

Will there be more language option? (even robot translation)

yep,I agree!

Will the girl get pregnant and give birth to some strange thing? I like that, bytheway

Will there be pregnant, egg  content at all within the game?

Is it possible that add more language like Chinese? or AI translation.....

what is the LEGACY VERSION? whats the difference