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Everything in this game acts like a sassy teenager. And after they pulled the lesbian card i've just dropped it. This game was made by a 13 year old

The fact that i can't explore Damountains is very dissapointing.

This is a really bad game,which dissapoints me since the idea was decent.


You cannot make it a full screen.Not only that,but the resolution of it is really small,and cannot be changed


The fact that the graphics are "not good" could actually be an advantage,like one other siren head game did.But not here,since it doesn't give any vibe or style,it's just bad.

Grass is just one big texture that was stretched out on entire map.Different objects seem to have been lit differently and don't feel like they are in a single enviroment.I feel like the only thing that was put care in are trees and a hand holding a gun,yet even they don't have any shadow or texture.And an effect from shooting is just a poorly cropped out image.

And the main protagonist of this entire thing,Siren head,the thing that must enduce fear when you see it.It's just a cardboard-cutout (litteraly) that follows you around.Hell,you can even see its' nonexistent edge if you try hard enough.

And also jumpscare,the only thing that is "scary" which is just a loud noise with someone elses (most likely stolen from the internet) artwork.


It is somewhat connected to the graphics part.Each object seems to receive its own lighting,and also despite the fact that the sky is black (which miight mean that it's night time) everything just ignores it,and is lit up as if it is the middle of a day.And the edge of a map is just pure black void.

Also a few useless locations like a maze.I'm not sure about this one since i haven't explored and completed the game,and this location (or any others that i could've missed) might hold some meaning,but i think author added them just because.


The point of the game is to kill Siren head.That cardboard cutout.I think you are supposed to shoot

at it,but i'm not sure if it's even killable,has any hp bar or hitbox.If it does,game doesn't give you any clue about it because when you shoot it,the game doesn't tell you if you even hit it or not.

Also there are "teammates",i'm not even sure what that means,since i didn't even see them.One just screamed and died at that start (because the counter went down),that's all i know.

Conclusion:This game is garbage,and the only thing that lifts it up a bit is that it's based on someone elses' good thing.I hope this helps.

Good game.The only problem it has are the controls.You might need to drag a pltaform but SIKE,the player is way too far,so you can't click on the platform,and so he falls to his death,without even giving a chance to click on the platform.I'd suggest making it a big,still screen without camera movement,or make the camera be focused more on platforms,and showing where character is with a bubble,or something

The art is decent,but it lacks one very important thing-contrast.The only thing that has contrast here is player and platforms litteraly blen in with the background and therefore it's hard to distinguish where you need to jump and plus it makes the general picture look worse.

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Beatfiul game indeed,but there is 1 thing that sets back the  erection enjoyment value.It's almost impossible to master the controls and explore everything properly.You can keep the ridiculous controls but at least make them controllable.And more locations would be great too.8/10

Thank you.God will never forget your deeds.

Great concept,and a good execution.The only thing that is lacking-is visuals.And for the mechanics,the invisible walls should stand out at least a tiny bit,because it'd be almost impossible to find one.

Interesting idea and a nice little story.The controls felt great,but there are 2 problems.

1)The view angle is way too horizontal,you barely understand what's going on

2)It's hard to disinguish where will spikes go out

Otherwise,great jam entry!

I NEED to play this.Please make it available on windows,somehow.

I finished the entire game(ragequit on the first time playing it tho).Great game but i wish there was something at the end,like some cutscene,congratulation,or maybe even a jumpscare(like many suggested)

1.It's a bit smaller than the "just right" in my opinion

2.Yeah,i was hooked the first time playing it.Like,all those "horrorish" elements,like that note,the dead elf next to the elevator(it was pretty cliche,but i still liked it).It was creepy and yet also curious as to what does this all mean.But in the other half of the game,everything is explained and you have no choice but to be on the side of the rebbelion,where you just take out the guards and get to your goal constantly pressing enter and only have like 4 choices which don't really effect anything.The second time playing it gets bland,since you realize how linear this game actually is.You don't really find out stuff yourself,you just simply go through the game the way it was meant to be,from one station to another.Find out about death-go into the santas cabinet-go to the place with retreated elves-get into the car-get into the rebellion-let the almighty papa tell you everything-join them-fight in a mission-the end.No turning points,no multiple endings,and the choices almost mean nothing.Because in the end,no matter what you choose,you just get sent to the "next station" no matter what,or even simply make you pick the "right" decision afterwards.

To sum it up,it's still a decent game jam entry,that hooks your interest,and then leaves you with nothing.I'm not sure if it was possible to make such game that i expected first in 5 days though,since i never made any text games.I mean,i know that me and EliasV decided to do something too big,and well,i think you saw how it turned out.

Ps:sorry for such big amount of text

A pretty good text game,nothing more and nothing less.But i wishe there was an option to be on the side of the santa,and in general,have more choices instead of simply pressing enter.

The graphics and the soundtrack in this game is brilliant,especially for the game jam.The only problem i had,is,well,idk what to do in it.Since there's a counter of "70 presents left" and a bunch of presents lying on the map,i'll assume that you need to collect them.I have no clue what button do i have to press to actually collect those presents(i tried mouse button,shift etc).I'd suggest to make a some kind of "tutorial" that would tell you the controls.Otherwise,i feel like this game might be the one to win.