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Hello.I have a question. Why is there Chinese beside the mirror in the toilet where I just entered the game? Shouldn't the setting of the game be a Japanese university? Although the sign was vague, I did see the outline of Chinese.

Hello, I just tried this game. I think this game is very good, but there are also some areas that need to be improved. For example, when I indulge in attacking the enemy, I can't distinguish the enemy from me. I think you can highlight the characters controlled by the player. If there are too many objects on the picture, I will become dazzled. And, I think you may need to expand the scope of the character's maneuverable actions, because otherwise, the barrage launched by the enemy is difficult to dodge, and I can only run to the corner to avoid these bullets.

Hope this game will become better!

By the way, my highest score in ordinary difficulty is 1700. This game may be difficult for me.

I think so.