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I'll try some other game or some other dump of the SMB3 ROM.

Maybe the emulator isn't liking my particular ROM for some reason?

Well, yeah, after checking, the converted V1 package is what I had got before.

I decompressed that ZIP into my /3dn folder, renamed so that ROM and 3DN match and loaded the ROM.

Is there anything else I may be missing?

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I swear by my own sanity that when I posted this thread, I only saw 8 topics in the V1 forum.

I knew there used to be  60-something, but they just weren't showing up for me at that time.

I'll se to try some of those then. Thanks!

Well, I just attempted to try the emulator and I have to say results were less than ideal.

I read the guide, got the whole converted v1 files package, unzipped to the 3dn folder, and my game ROM (SMB3) there, renaming it to mario3.nes to match the 3DN file.

When I set the emulator to VR, the game is all glitchy from the get go.

Right from the start, the text in the start menu has varying depths for numbers and letters. Then, in the game map, several blocks pop out from the map's surface, and in the one supposed to have a spade, the spade is hollow.

Then, start the game and, where do I begin? The thing is a mess. The depth is all over the place, and as you walk the whole thing varies at random.

Am I doing anything wrong?

Also, is it me or the the V2 3DN repository is gone? I remember there being some 60 topics there and now I can only see like 10.

Anything I'm missing there too?

I'll appreciate any help.

Best regards.