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Really cool game! Just make the controls make a bit more sense, Like to play a level you press space, but to go to the next level you have an arrow. It also doesn't help that there is no feed back when hovering over an option.  Perhaps when hovering over the start button it changes tint lightly, and when you click it changes size slightly. You could also make the planet and void clickable to choose the option instead of having to press a button (keep the button presses but having multiple options is nice). I would also say make it more obvious on how to go to the next level. A check mark doesn't look like something your supposed to click to progress to the next level.

Neat Idea, but I feel like too much stuff is happening with the visuals. The point of the game is to manage space and length, but the constant cluttered moving visuals makes it difficult to count. Other than that simple and cool game.