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Ah, interesting, I hadn't thought of that.
I'm used to directional WASD for character movement. I suppose this game blurs the line between a character and vehicle. ^_^

Thanks for playing!

Aw, thank you and thanks for playing!

Ah, thank you for such kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the game

I've been using Unity for a number of years so the "how" of implementation doesn't take me too long. It's mostly the actual implementation, and of course the art side, that takes time. Especially since I created the 3D models myself, for the first time in a game jam.

Thank you very much! I spent a while laying on the floor, trying to think of some ideas for the theme, haha

Thank you and thanks for playing! I'm really happy you enjoyed the game!

So glad to hear that, thank you for playing!

I went for a very simple and casual game to just enjoy and experience, so thank you for appreciating it, haha ^_^

Haha, you're welcome ^_^ Thank you for playing!

I'm really glad to hear you enjoyed it and that the style worked for you.
It's my first time making 3D assets for a game so I'm glad it worked out and maybe even doesn't look awful, haha

Thank you, that's what I was going for, so I appreciate it!

Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing, I'm happy to hear you enjoyed the experience - that was the number one thing I was going for. I like where your head's at, with the further development - maybe someday...

You and me both, hehe. Yeah, that's a good idea. Doing the intro and outro took way longer than I expected but, honestly, I got as much done as I hoped to achieve (which is more than I can say of basically any game jam). Thanks for playing!

Oof, thank you! Must have been the first game you played XD

Great effort! Especially if this was your first game, really impressive! The handling and controls felt really good, and that's something hard to nail no matter how much experience.

It's funny that my VR headset wakes up when I start your game. I'm assuming it's not meant to be a VR experience? :D Well done and congrats on completing a game!

Thanks for playing! I found the game handled differently in browser compared to standalone, so I had to do some last minute corrections to get it to feel good (I'm assuming you played on browser. If not, just assume it's also good, haha).

The game actually does have fog, but with the fairly steep view angle I didn't see a need for much. But I'm not an artist, so I know there are many ways to make it look better. I appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for the kind words! I was pretty dissatisfied with the aesthetic until right near the end, I'm glad it turned out all right :D

Thanks for playing!
I wanted to do something a little more casual for this jam since I always have troubles with scope, so it's intentionally very simple. Glad you at least found it enjoyable.

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Totally fair. I mostly entered this jam to learn the engine, so the actual game didn't get much attention before the deadline.
Thanks for trying it out!

This is a really solid entry, doubly so for a game jam! I like the focus on narrative and emotion. I felt like each "wave" of seals just missed grabbing me, which made me feel like I was playing well, though at the expense of the other penguins.
Not sure how scripted it is, and I'm sure some of the magic would be exposed on more playthroughs, but for a first time playthrough I was invested. Good job, both of you!

Incredible polish for a jam game! Well done!

Some nitpicks I had:

  • Charging up a strong throw takes too long if you want to keep moving quickly. Something like an analog stick being directly mapped to direction and strength would be great (Though I guess this would increase control and would be antithetical to the theme??)
  • The "Rolla" enemy doesn't seem to harm the player and have no function aside from giving player points in my playthrough? Perhaps they should crush the player if they're moving too slowly or move the player out of their intended path.
  • On the flip side, I felt the "Mixa" enemy was too strong with its attack, especially after a long level run. Perhaps shooting moving bumpers to further mess with the player's control would be fun.
  • On something like the 4th level the enemy counter and score stayed at 0 and I couldn't complete the level even after clearing all enemies. Not sure what happened.

Anyway, a really good job. Congrats on your entry!

Thanks for playing!

And I like the expansion suggestions, thank you!

The moving Play button in the beginning was a nice start.

Having different levels was nice for a feel of progression. However, playing the same map several times in a row with only the objective different made it become repetitive quicker than it needed to. Despite it making the game shorter, I think replaying the same level less would make the game better. Just my opinion, of course.

Otherwise, I appreciated the objective counter, and the police countdown after running out of time was a much better idea than a straight-up fail. Clever!

Overall, a really solid entry for a 48 hour game jam! Congrats!

I can imagine that as well, haha

Ah, I'm sorry you had such trouble, but thanks for sticking through it to figure it out. I know the onboarding is not very good.
Thank you for the kind words regarding the art, and also for the suggestion about the thumbnail; that's valuable insight.
And no, it's not your PC, I unfortunately didn't get around to implementing sound.

Thanks for the valuable feedback, and of course, thanks for playing! :D

Thank you - and thanks for playing!

Thanks so much! ^_^

And thank you for the insightful feedback. That's a really good point that the fail state is not clear, and it lessens the feeling of being overrun. That was my main goal with this game, as that was the interpretation of the theme that I wanted to focus on. So I appreciate your thoughts and suggestions. :D

Taking on the art for this jam left me with even less time to get to the sound, which is a shame. So yeah, I 100% agree sound would make it better, haha.

Thank you for all the great feedback, I really appreciate it!


I wasn't exactly sure what or even if I should have some scoring mechanism, but it's a good suggestion

Really enjoyable. And a surprisingly polished and consistent aesthetic. Well done!
I gave up on the fourth level or so because I died and respawned at the beginning. Feels harsh but also true to games of the era, haha

Simple but fun! Just like a jam game should be, haha.
Like some others, I was a bit lost at first, but once I got it, it was all right.

The art style is cute and I appreciated the click to move mechanic, since the arrows to move was a bit clunky.

I like the visual aesthetic!

Similar to other commenters, speeding basically everything up would make it a lot more interesting. I also never used the slow motion. Basically, a solid entry that could use some tuning (Which I saw you lost, so I understand)

Thank you, haha ^_^

Good question. Hmm, no one thing in particular took the most time.

However, I probably spent a disproportionate amount of time creating the main character and the aliens with their animations, since this is the first time I've made art for a game. So I'm especially glad you liked the art, haha

Yeah, I was thinking of that too :D

I obviously didn't have time to consider implementing it, but I may try it in a post-jam version

Yeah, sorry, tutorials are often one of the last things added with such a short timeline. I tried to make it as intuitive as possible, but that only goes so far in a game jam.

Having time as a goal could be a good game mode. :D

I wish there was sound as well, haha. The squish would be a good sound effect.

Also, I'm happy you liked the animations, this is the first game I've done any 2D art for

Thank you so much! I'm really glad you enjoyed it!

Yeah...sounds were added in the 11th hour.

I also noticed having sounds on the time robot would have been nice, so you don't always need to watch what your past self did/is doing

Sorry for the inconvenience. I actually meant to show the controls to the player when they first start, but I totally forgot.

Thanks for hanging in there!

Thanks! Yeah, I only first started looking into how to do sound in Unreal on the day before the jam finished. So, I'm glad it has any sound.

But you're totally right, some sounds on the other robot would help with gameplay as well.

Hey, great game. Love the art!

I was playing about 20-30 minutes without music, so I agree that that should definitely be on by default.

Unfortunately, when I got to level 26 there were no villagers and I couldn't continue!

Please halp! I really like the game and want to finish! Haha

Okay, I've added the link to the original submission as well.

And the source has finished uploading, so we should be good!! *phew*

Ah. Yes, it's still uploading :S 
It's over 5 GB :O

I have included a link to the project on OneDrive. Does that not work?