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Ugo Flickerman

A member registered Nov 27, 2020

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Woah, an update? i started to doubt there would have been one

Nice. Will check it out soon

The links to download don't work

read their description

What's the name of the artist?

But, like, does the button even actually do anything?

Nah: it was more a matter of a game that targerts ethero males where the MC is male and the multiplayer would have been gay sex. Like, it would have been totally bad ass, but the game is built around ethero sex mechanics, so builds built around vaginal penetration sex skills would have been unviable and it could have been not really the ideal as a concept in general for the target audience

I remember suggesting multiplayer for another eroge, but they said no...

Uuuuh, multiplayer, nice

Would be nice if there was an explanation on how the various options affect what happens during sex encounters, like in hex

esperanto pronoun for unspecified gender... though i must say i prefere ĝi, which also includes objects

I remember playing this game to a certain point. It wasnt extremely good, but not extremely bad either. I think i'll get back to playing it, some day. I wonder when that day will be

You can move Anon up and down

Same in the english version, some times


Ehm... I can do it cowgirl while streaming 

Ah, very nice. 

Was? Did it stop working after an update or it never worked properly? 

Like, idk, scratches and stuff

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Yeah, yeah. I mean, as you said in the description, it is inspired to PS1 style, not actual. Though, as someone who likes PS1 style, i do search for lack of actual shades and colour limitations

Why do people keep talking about "PS1 visual style", yet shadows are rendered by the engine instead of manually drawn on the textures? Welp, at least this description says "inspired"

No, dude: i don't have the slightest idea of when the update will come out: i just know for sure that it'll take more than 2 days. Surely it won't come out the day after tomorrow.

At the very very least 2 days, but i'm completely sure it'll take waaaaaaay more than that

Ah, thanks

I suggest Crazy Eights, which is pretty simple

Ooooh, so the option did get moved: i thought i just forgor where it was, when i tried searching it and found it in an unexpected button

Does capitalization count?

Is it possible, maybe doing some action i still don't know, to have her invest the money instead of doing it by oneself? If yes, how?

Wait, i thought the heart eyes turning on and off was on purpose for some reason i didnt yet know <MoaiEmoji>


Dude, like, didn't you get the shovel upgrade before encountering them? Just rightclick

I mean... it's ok

There is a bug: the boss (one of those queen wasps) is underneath the screen and i can't hit it, not it will come in the screen, so i'm stuck

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There is a problem: so, i have flicked all the switches in order: concrete world, yellow world, magic tower and labirynth. I got all 3 stars from every world... But for some reason the fourth white star on the tv noise in the bottom right of the world selection won't appear, despite the fact that the three that did appear are shifted slightly to the right, as if in order to leave space for a missing first one. (Plus the green light in the secret room doesn't turn on)

the player could just not send Lily untill ready to do so or send her back when changing mind: otherwise it looks more like Lily is ubiquitous

Why not? It's not like it'd be the entirety of the content

Is this game still in development?

There is a problem: so when Lily and Hana hang out together in Hana's room, Lily is still findable in Eros's room

Dude, no rating is "official": every rating is just a bunch of dudes sharing opinions

Well, i mean, global servers are costly to maintain. I guess there might be something in the far future...? I believe it really depends on how much money the developer will make