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Ugo Flickerman

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Well, i mean, people don't work for free, time is very much valuable

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What are the differences between the free version and the other two?

I must say i very much missed a lot Sphinx in the second game :(

No puedes controlar el viento o el aire. Por favor, no respuendas: el comentador tiene que pensar un poquito màs: de verdad no es dificil

I have gathered screenshots about some bugs. Don't you happen to have a discord server with a bug report channel or something? Where can i report bugs?

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This happens after i go to sleep and when i wake up i see Lycoris talking about how this job is better than her previous ones... Which is already strange by itself. Another strange behaviour i noticed before ending up there is that neither Lycoris nor Emee had a scene where i delivered them their new harem outfit... i don't know whether it is related.

Edit: after selecting "Ignore", the scene proceeded with Lycoris suggesting to go explore the ruins. After i left, i saw the night version of artistic division (the scene i described above was in the day) and when i left to go back to the office, it was day again.

Edit 2: no doubt there was no scene about them receiving their harem outfits: Emee just showed me "what she received from Lycoris". The thing is that she had already shown up to Sherazade dressed in it. Come on, i paid for the game on steam, i was expecting less bugs such as these last ones... May the fact that i first made Lycoris's outfit before Emee's be a cause?

The sultana's guard's sword's handle is the opposite way. If slashing with such a curved sword, the handle would go against the wrist, while it's supposed to catch the pinky instead. Plz, ask the artist to fix this: my suspension of disbelief got shattered

Oxymoron? No. But yeah, more like innub

ATLYSS community · Created a new topic FOV for first person

One might want to play fp for immersiveness. In such case, it's be nice to have a field of view scroll bar, so one doesn't need 2 or 3 screens to see around. 

Plus, the stamina indicator needs to be elsewhere (maybe a bar at the bottom of the screen?) in fp, or it blocks too much vision and some visual effects might help to know when one's affected by a visible skill (in third person, one can see the mana shield, but not in first person) 

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Today i learned a new slur

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No, i mean, as of now I have no reason to keep leveling, so i won't. 

I don't wanna get to fight future enemies as overpowered, or there'll be no fun

Might get it at higher levels, when the game'll be more than a demo

I guess you'll have to wait for modders to put their hands on the game

ATLYSS community · Created a new topic LAN game

Will LAN be possible?

I had the same problem at first... Then i noticed i had unspent stat points

Very nice. Love this change

Eh, about the blink skill: with such a casting time and such a short reach, it is useless compared to the dash

Isnt there anything yet after beating the slime queen? Or am i just missing something? Why is there a portal in the slime queen location that just is not active? Is there a way to unlock it or is it not done yet and that's it for now?

ATLYSS community · Created a new topic Race differences

Are there or will there be race traits? Or are the descriptions just flavour text?

ATLYSS community · Created a new topic Human character

Will there ever be a human character (either npc or as main character option)?

This is so annoying... Like, i have a relative with such a name, so it's so uncomfortable to do stuff with that character...

Do they matter only when the stream begins or does it make a difference if one removes them during the stream?

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As far as I've understood, there's this peripheral which is just a fleshlight and one uses it as controller. Maybe Incontinent Cell is talking about that...? 

It's not about the kind of vibe: it's about the ethimology of the word

Yeah, i was just talking about the video editing on the video of this update

I'm not sure about this: do the clothes matter in how much money one gets from streaming? Does, like, their expensiveness and variety make a difference? 

Couldn't you, like, play it on your laptop when you aren't using it to work? Or don't you have a laptop? In such case, nevermind

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Why femcel personality? What does it even mean? Female celibate? It makes no sense. Instead, call it innub: involuntarily nubile... Or, like, incontinent nubbin...? 

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Dude, "It's Yogurt Male by kaedo bla bla bla" lasted too little on the screen, I couldn't read it without pausing

ATLYSS community · Created a new topic netplay action ORPG?

I was curious and decided to click on this and  read the description... and well, i know what an Online Role Playing Game is, but what does "netplay" stand for?

Haven't played this yet... But why is there angry Jack Skeleton?

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Problems with the steam version:

When Tinker Bell comes in the room with towels, the main character says something about blonde hair, but in that version her hair is brown

One can't unlock the last image data because the previous images are only 6 (even though MC and Tinker Bell say we have unlocked all 9 and the last one can be unlocked) 

When Astrid is unlocked, the screen sais that one has unlocked "Anna", the old name from Frozen

Prolly something else too, but i cant remember. 

Heck, i didn't expect steam to also update the old version of the game that i had saved in a folder. Now i can't see the old image data anymore :(

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Will there ever be a "move whole inventory" button? I think there should be one for each direction and every time one presses it, it moves the whole thing in the chosen direction unless there's no more space (in which case, the button itself would be less opaque or otherwise tell the player about its unusablness)

How do i make it full screen?

First picture: you forgor the bottom texture of the money deck that protudes from the briefcase

Well, after playing Doom & Destiny, i have high expectations for RPG maker games

Thanks for the replies, guys. Welp, i mean, it's not that difficult to make better stories than the latest Disney and WB ones