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Ugly Pixels

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I don't know why but I don't get email notifications about comments. Thanks for the interest. I have already got some feedback from Jelle on reddit. He likes the idea and said that would post some videos on his channel once the game is finished.

I have recently got back to developing the marble game. Would you like to be informed about any beta programs on Android?



Thanks for the specs and FPS.  Do you know if there is any interest in such games? What would you like to see added or changed in this game?

Thanks! The game is currently on hold but will be continued in the future under a different name. Cheers.

Sand marble races are now a game! Choose which of the marbles will win the race and watch as the chaos unfolds.

This is an early access version of a sandbox I'm working on where you can create your own marble races. You can get it for free and your feedback is very welcome (actually it's needed :P).

I'd like to test every aspect of it including the name of the game so if you have any thoughts - feel free to share them with me.

Have fun!