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i HOPE she's atleast 18+

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genuinely asking and not trying to be hateful or mean, does the bad ending include SA? because by the looks of it, it looks VERY much like that.

im asking because i do not want to play a game like that 馃槶

reading this whole thread is like reading a twitter arguement

goddamn this comment section is fucking disgsuting, this game is telling a story the author expierenced through the SA'ers POV, you guys are fucking rancid, they're trying to cope 


i wanna know what voice software thing they used for the voices </3

it was a joke, and not a serious comment.

The ending made me tear up fr

struggling to figure out how to get the locked options UNLOCKED for Khari rn

Making  a game is hard, it takes work, coding, writing, and ideas.

They need breaks too, they also can get writers block.

It's normal for a developer to put something on hold to take a break, and have personal time.

You have to have romantic interests in Zillah, there's a guide on how to if you want it.

Honestly you should become a poet man.

honestly "shut up and stop whining" does sound better.

you could've just said your reason and go man..didn't need to write a whole book page, plus that comment about the character not liking virgins was an obvious dull joke??

The choice to be a victim of sexual assault makes me cry, not sadness, not anger, but joy. You are the only game creator that I've seen understand boundaries, and know when to not take things to far, this is only game i've seen where I can finally relate to my character fully, trauma wise.

oddly wholesome

there's a little bug i found at the end of the demo?

I am down bad for Marshall

Been looking for a game like this for days now

I got the kiss ending lets gooo

i finished playing it from start to finish for the 2nd time just for zillah.


i may have started crying when chris walked out on me cuz i had sex with zillah..

why does zillah not like virgins man

i dont read kinks man..and thats something i wish i didnt know was a kink.

Thank you!! its been in my head all week

bad news i mistook myself as the friend

i go from "haha tipping cows" to "your friend just fucking died"

I didnt expect rape to be here and my mind is flooded with past trauma

I only found this game today but i cant wait for the next chapter!!

and why are you here anyway..this was a month ago man

atp im not taking them seriously since they sent the GIF, so might as well not act serious with them.

god i am so excited for the  next chapter!!! take your time! 

is there a possible chance we're able to have a romantic relationship with the demon we were bounded to? <3

Struggling the absolute urge to not make fanfiction of ezra

what is the song that plays in the menu?

the prologue was enough to make me cry bro..

The hardest choice in this game for me was choosing between sam or ciaran as a love interest

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I think a lot of you fail to realize (cough cough seofts) that this is a story based off someone who touched the creator of this.

It literally says so in the description.

this was amazing, you should make an AI  generated game like this.

I FORGOT HIS NAME but the wild cat man you see in the forest