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well it isn't "that" bad if you think more of it, i mean that's would be like really, i mean REALLY  helpful in times youl need to lie your hands on thats fresh new jussy driving licence

whaaaa.. aaah, do you remember that's little virus warning screen that you say its ok to? well.. thats the deal, you know, you actually most likely need a new pc or somthing.. you know, jst dnt download susoicious files from the internet next time!

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yeah, the game where youre character get older too

well.. to be honest - a ruff boring demo

maybe there is some virtual controller emulation...

imo the keyboard controls are good (at least for those of us, whose both up down buttons size is equal to single left or right button)... but i prefer play fps via gamepad and also has like 1000h in DS1 so my opinion in not really..

Tnks 4 the attention

Because Argonians ARE NOT furry - your ass.. yes, may be a little bit furry but Argonians ARE NOT

P.S. there is also a five minor minor issues that dont really worth it to talk about:

1. on the second floor of the "dark room" (on the first floor of this room we have an old 4*quicksilver bullets dude and a cutting sword dude): So the problem is - that second (if we go from frst bonfire (central Yarnam or somthig like)) of 2nd floor dudes, dude, thats also surrounded by barrels, do nothing. He always passive like his Ai is off

2. 1rst boss hitboxes are kinda broken

3. my english is kinda broken ass is kinda broken ass well

5. people who say that argonians are furry

Darkwraith coven up ahead! - at some state of the game this door send me in to the endless fall right into The Abyss from ds1 (sorry do not have a save file, i change the location and try again - it solve the problem)

Right after executioner's gloves phantom we have a ladder with missing "wall" so you can stuck otta here

whenever you lvl up when you try to navigate stats menu by arrows the character starts attacking like if you wasnt in a menu.

pow: I use keyboard, also a pretty good layout)

you little CHILLER)

Good! i like this aesthetic rpg experience!

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ho so it was an actual event!? the dudes who done this are incredible, also the game is fun, beat it 3 times in a row it was interesting, kinda feel the emotions of person who being there

Good, 1rst time godot do not try to burn my damn pc, core mechanic is cool and unique, triple shot is cursed, praise the shotgun!

It was enjoyable

i mean mb the game jst for homies

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Same problem: shifting rapidly between crusader and online (Wind11) my laptop kinda old (HP ProBook 450 G1) and use old amd vcard (Radeon HD 8750M i guess)

sorry im broke so grabbed it for free. Suppose i must give you something as a little token of respect to your work... if i ever be not so broke)

i suppose we can call it remaster))

Hoooooooo, you devs are crazy, but you... you're a special one didnt it! also somtimes maps lack of invisible walls.. i mean there is a wall, but i going of the map through textures because of my skill issue. Windows version. All the greatness to you!

I mean seeing your projects, its thats much cool like if the PSX Blodborne dev transfer a full game to the pc, add a invade functionality and make a PS1 capable version as well

Holly Molly is this a pico 8 flight sim with a 34 pages manual? Give me two!

Damn this movement! i beg you give us a proper wasd controls with qe rolls!!


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P.S. Seems like technically the game works perfectly, i have a billion tabs in my browser and play your game at the same time and has like no problem at all (my pc is a true potato)

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HOLLY CRAP IT WAS AWESOME DUDE! Im not a shmup player but duuuuuuude. Only 1 level thats sad... The art, the music, the ui! There all on point! A fresh idea for smups when you need destroy enemy projectiles to earn points, the game is hard, but casual at the same time - you cant actually lose so its no frustrating, but to get highter score its looks realy hard, playing it was a true joy! Also i like the idea of second phases when you scan the boss and a lot easyer destoy projectiles, at the same time boss go mad and by spaming a lot destroy himself, actually its super fun to destroy maximum projectiles and this very satisfying cause bossfight ends by actually defeating a boss. I would like to see a full version someday

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I like the music, like the artstyle, the ui (but dont like you cant move). Cool that the herb will collected without the roots, prase the crossbow, praise the guy who put all this coins into slimes but...

Like for shure?

looks suspicious, but i think it's fine

i use firefox and this is unplayble for me

a shotgun part is epic

Can i see your driving licence Mr. Rake

dumb.. but in a good way!

yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah, it was really interesting, i wish if it was something more..


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The game is short, but autosaving will be usefull

it is understandable why it closes, but i also agree thats quit to menu would be a better option

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Interesting.. kinda reminds me of souls in the way of story telling (in a good way), o, also found thats second odd seed thats change fish form, it was fun, but understand the last thing knight was needed its a bit tricky. Art styyle is pretty good, even with ps1 grapics the game looks cool, i especially enjoy this styalize environment lighting, black distant objects also looks well in there. Sounds effects are good imo, even like the way you made dialogue sounds, the platforming itself quite ruff (think it will be better had you more time), but its quite ok i guess. I enjoy your game, Thanks you!

cant rate this demo, but it was fun!