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Thanks for the feedback! Portal is exactly the vibe I was going for. I'll definitely keep working on this prototype and make it into a full release 🤘🏼

Thanks. Happy to know that you liked the game🙂

Hey! This is super cool! I know using forge2d for platforming controls is quite tricky, but this was good. There were a couple of levels in middle, where I could just reach the end without having to do anything. So it felt like the pacing and level design could have been done better. But the number of levels was respectable given the timeframe and the complexity of created a built-in level editor!!!

I also liked the overall concept of evaporation and melting. Quite good use of the theme. Plus the effects used for evaporation and melting made it look quite believable.

Hey can you modify the itch settings of this game to allow the full-screen button? Or even start it in full-screen by default? I think it will be much easier to understand and see what the player is supposed to do. It the current resolution it is very hard to see that small compass.

It was good idea, but didn't like the theme was playing a major role in the game. Also, something broke while I was playing and the score started shooting up. Probably that wasn't intended.

For a first game with flame engine, this was impressive. I like the number of enemy types you managed to add. Even the pacing felt good. It progressively got harder to keep up with the enemies, which was nice. But it felt like the theme was very loosely integrated in the game.

Yo! Finally a hex tile game and it looks cool! I think making the player slide over the ice tile would have been an option too.  

I liked how reaching to a fridge was the end goal. It nicely fits with the theme. But the controls didn't feel natural, especially the horizontal movement. Also the character was getting stuck at some places (maybe due to collisions). Would have love to see a few more levels. 

Cool! Impressive to see that you managed to create this as a realtime multiplayer. The win-lose wasn't much clear. But I guess that was mostly because of the no text limitation that you picked.

Well done! It is possible to expand on this concept and create more puzzling levels. The enemies can also be made to have varying intelligence. Like they can have a limited visibility and range. This will allow the players to take a pause and think why they want to attack first.

Also, would be good to add links to the original source of the assets. Since they are free to use, the least we can do is give credits and direct more people to the original work.

Nice concept, but it was impossible to get past single tile color switches. The jump speed and horizontal speed should have been designed to make the character cover at least 1 tile's width. The short distance travel was making it difficult to get past some sections. 

There also seems to be a bug which I noticed while I was writing this comment. Somehow all tiles were red and that caused my score to go this high 😅

Cool! The cascading effect of sending heats was cool! The AI was decent too. I think this game would be much more fun in a PVP style. You guys should definitely think about making it a turn based multiplayer after the jam ends.

Hey! Great work with the assets and level design. The shadows definitely give it a nice 3d feel. Also, it is amazing to see how your levels are setup in the code. I wish there were more levels 🙂

The controls were a bit odd because you have to release and press the movement keys to make the turtle move and rotate. But maybe that was intentional to maintain the difficulty to an otherwise easy game.

Talking about easy, 20 suns wasn't easy at all. I lost at last sun so many times. The difficulty seems to have be been perfectly balanced. Nice job on that. The blue and red overlays were really useful. That made it easier to get a hint about the temperature of the turtle with having to look at the actual temperature.

Nice game! Must say that the description is quite impressive 😄

The collision checking that you've got seems to work perfectly. But the problem is how easy it is to accidently touch the wrong block and die. In most of the good platformer games, a lot of special code is added to avoid such things. Here is a short video that covers some of the most common techniques that can make the platforming controls a lot more fun: 

The GDC talk mentioned in that video is also quite good detailed.

Ah! That would have made much more sense. Maybe you can keep working on this game after the jam ends.

Initially it felt like the game is playing itself, because the flame keeps moving by default 😆. Also, catching ice cubes with fire was something different😅.

Okay, the level design is very nice on this one. I had to mentally plan my run by looking at the pattern of the obstacles. That was fun. Would have loved to see a few more levels. But it wasn't clear how the theme was used in this game.

Itch version does not work because you have whitespaces in some of your assets. Itch does not like whitespaces. If you rename those assets, it should work here as well.

Nice one! There is way to cheat the game by making the browser's width as small as possible. That way it becomes very easy to target the fire as the spawn area is reduced 🙂

Finally I completed the whole thing. Man those are some tough levels. Especially with the slippery movement and the hold-to-jump-longer controls, it became extra difficult. But the boss flight and ending feels satisfying after so many retries 😄

Also, the text instructions kept reappearing before I could read the whole things, which was a bit distracting.

Thanks! Happy to know that you liked it 😄

Hey, it would be nice to have some details about this game. Like what  was the concept? What are the controls? And for the jam you also need to specify details about the assets used as well as link to the source code.

It works perfectly fine now! My score was 150😄

I liked the different stages of the ice cube that indicated its health. Infact, all the the art assets look good together. The only thing that I felt missing was the pacing. Infinite scrollers generally tend to get difficult as time passes. But this one stayed at a constant pace and the obstacles started feeling repetative after a while. 

Hey, nice memory game! That bug is quite a bummer, though. I wanted to click on the pairs asap while the image was fresh in my mind, but that always broke the game for me.

Also, that initial interaction with the document is not needed when running the game on an actual website. At least it is not needed on itch. I learned it the hard way too 😆 

Thanks for the feedback! Hope you unlocked both the endings 😉

Nice game! I think you'll also have to add a link to the source code. The repo you've linked right now, just contains the final web build 🙂

Yo! You have very nicely designed levels. The last one was quite challenging 😆. Also the simplicity of the core gameplay mechanics reminded me of Bees and Spikes.

I feel the collision checks are a bit too harsh on the player though. I can imagine people rage quitting if you keep working on this and add more level 😂.

Hey, it took me some time to figure out what was going on in the game. Mostly because the game starts in such a small window here on itch. I would suggest you increase the default window size in itch setting or tick the fullscreen checkbox. But overall, the concept is nice 🙂

Simple but elegant! Love the way guys decided to represent the score. Also, it occurred quite late to me that I don't have to block each and every orb. I just have to maintain a balance between both types. So I can strategically choose to take some hits to keep that balance. Nicely done!

Thanks for playing 😀

Thanks! Fun fact, the guns came in quite late in the development. The special material was designed with gradual transformation right from the start, but the wall mounted lasers were not doing justice to it. So had to add the guns 🙂

The artwork looks amazing on this one. Would have been nice to have some sound effects along with an end game.

Physics based games are always fun! But I think sound effects are the highlight of this game 😆

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Hey, I liked the art and jump effect. Especially that initial level rotation effect looks really good! 

The overall gameplay is simple but I think the controls make it much difficult. It was very confusing to map the arrow keys to their isometric movement in my mind. Also, it got too difficult too soon. I could hardly go part level 3. But I got lucky one time and managed to reach level 9 😅

I could also go out of bounds by pressing the keys multiple times. But I think it is just a visual glitch.

Hey, I think the web build if failing because of the whitespace in one of your assets Chilling Escape.tsx. You can try renaming it to remove that.

Hey, why is the gun missing from the soldier-shooting.png?

Hi @pixramen! The exports for door assets are missing from the zip. It only contains the aseprite files. Did you forget to include them? Btw, this is an awesome asset pack! 🙂