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Thanks for trying out this game and reporting that issues. I've just released an update, so hopefully you will not encounter that bug now.

Yo! That update worked 🤘🏻

Yup, double checked that I am on the latest drivers. Also, tested on a friends machine running 1650 and it fails there as well. I was able to run Forest without any problem though.

Unfortunately I am not able to run this game. Here is the hazel log:

Wow! The art and sound are just perfect. Plus all those 16 levels are very well thought-out. Each level gradually got complex without feeling repetitive or too difficult to solve. Great work!

Nice and simple! That death sound effect is too funny 😆

Good one! It is great to see that you were able to get quite a responsive platformer character movement with forge2d. The characters still get randomly stuck at places, but can't complain since it was made within such a short period of time. Also liked how pushing the enemies off the level is also handled as part of the gameplay!

The background track is 🔥! And an equally lit game as well. The embed height is problem too big. Makes it difficult to play on smaller screen resolution. But I guess this game is more geared towards mobile devices, so I wouldn't worry much. 

For the first couple of run, I didn't realize the some cars were attacking me. The bullet were a bit hard to notice 😄. Also, the cars don't seem to be getting removed from the game once they leave the screen. From the source code it seems that you are clamping them to a value and are using the same value as a check for removing them from parent. But the check is for strictly greater than. As a result of this, the game becomes unplayable if I stay on the game over menu for sometime.

Defector is well polished! It has decent number of enemy variations with unique abilities and attack pattern. I definitely felt the need for health pickups, because by the time I reached the boss level, I was very low on health😆. Even aiming with mouse would have been a cool addition. Loved how well designed the levels were overall.

If you've used delta time in your movement calculations, I don't think the frame rate will matter. But anyways, if it works for most of the people it fine.

It does not load for me. Console window in chromes display some errors. But you can put the link to source code.

Cool use of the 1bit theme. I couldn't memorize the fully grow stage of each plant, but I figured if it large enough, it is probably ready to be harvested 😄. Now that I think more about this, you could also let the player harvest early but reward a lower score. But anyways, I can totally see this potentially turning into a fun little couch co-op!

A quick tip: The character moves faster diagonally. This can be avoided by just normalizing the move direction vector.

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Nice one! I felt that the hitboxes are too tight which makes that game a bit difficult. Not sure if that was what you were going for. Loved those in-game tips and background music too. Fits the art work quite well! I got stuck here though. My character just won't fall through the gap 😅.

Okay, no worries. We'll stay away from non distributable assets 👍🏼

Generally in such jams you would tag all your team members on the itch page of the game as well as in the in-game credits.

Some royalty free and publicly available assets do not allow redistribution. Which means, these assets cannot be placed in a public repository. In such cases is it fine to just have some placeholder assets in the project repo (with links to original assets) and use the actual assets only in builds published on

Can we depend on main branch of flame or a custom fork if some fix is not available on latest version?

Thanks for informing that it is not working. Will have to figure out what is causing the issue. Meanwhile, you can try out the web build of this tool. I wasn't able to figure out how to export the output in web builds back then. But it is working now.

Right now the exported output is just a json file containing some list of numbers. It is useful only if you are using Flame engine and want to display an isometric map. But in future I might consider exporting screenshot as well. 

Hey VOiD1 Gaming! Thanks for this awesome music pack. I've been using your assets for quite a while now and I had a doubt regarding the license. I know that redistribution of these files is not allowed, but does putting them in a public GitHub repo also count as redistribution? 

I am asking this because I've used one track from this pack in a game development series on YouTube and that game is open source on GitHub. As I am not sure if I am allowed to put your audio assets in that repo, for now, I've just posted a link to this itch page. But asking people to download the whole pack of 300 MB just to get one track from it and then run my project feel weird 😅. Would like to hear your thoughts on this.

Here is the repo that I am talking about:
And here is the readme that links back to your music pack:

I am using Flame engine. Haven't decided upon art and audio assets yet, because my goal for this jam is just to create a standalone application using which I can create isometric maps.

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Thanks for trying it out. Yes, everyone feels that character movement is too slippery than it should be. I'll probably try to add more levels and better movement controllers.

So true. Plus there are so many invalid entries. They are not even trying to remove them so that the actual good games will surface up.

Totally agree with your thinking. But the problem is this jam wasted almost 1 week worth of work for many people. It's not like we are angry about the not winning, but it is the management of this jam that we are talking. First, they didn't say that it will be a rated jam. Then they waste so many days and then finally tell ki you have to review the games.

All that was also fine. But now the problem is there is no rating actually. It is just that people are posting comments on the jam submission pages. They should have enabled rating from the start. They just wasted some much time of so many good developers. 

I like you optimism, but the only thing I could hear in his video is "Mai busy, tumhara tum dekhlo". This whole jam was a joke. First, so many invalid games were not disqualified. Even after repeatedly informing the hosts. Then delaying the results. And finally on result day we are asked to rate the games ourselves. 🤦🏻‍♂️

It would have been much better if rating system was announced at the start of the jam. Many would have gladly reviewed. But wasting almost 1 week and then asking to do it show how seriously Nikhil and other hosts were taking this jam.

Thanks for testing and feedback. I'll be sure to work on the controls in next update.

Thanks for trying it out. I'm happy that you liked it.

Yes almost everyone is struggling with character controls 😝. Definitely worth keeping in mind for my future platformers. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for trying it out.

Glad you liked them. Thanks for playing it again ☺️.

Couldn't understand anything in this game 😅.

Took some times to understand the core mechanics, but after that it was fun. For some reason it reminded me of MeatBoy. Controls, animations and assets all looked perfect together.

All thought the idea was very good the execution was poorly done. Most annoying thing was the play movement. It felt sooooooo slow. I first thought the combat will be turn based but turns out it pops up a little mini-game 😅. That is cool too.

Good for you first game. Those gaps were near impossible but the concept seems interesting. But not sure how it follows the theme of this jam.

As others said, it felt too hardcore when player spawned in narrow gaps and bullets just started flying rapidly. Maybe you should add lifetime to those projectiles so that they die off after a certain number of bounces.

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Thanks for the windows build. Since you said that it does not work on Chrome I tried Edge and it worked there. Not sure why though but I am able to run other Unity games in Chrome without any issues. But anyways, you game was fun. The backstory was really good. Even though the game-play was very limited, the story made the whole game interesting. I enjoyed it!!!

That + button was acting weird but I eventually got it working. Overall this was a nice game but the camera felt a little off. At least a glimpse of the whole level at the beginning of each level would have been better. 

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Oh I see. I used Unity for a while but quickly realised that Godot was much easier for me.

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The frustration on this on was real 😁. This game reminded me of the classing snake game, but it add so much more to it.

I went upto level 20 and then just gave up. But the whole concept of fire was use very smartly. Some times the camera angle made it difficult to guess when I have to turn and when I have to jump. But that also kept me engaged in the game. So good job on that. Level design was great too, it didn't feel like I was seeing same level again and again. Each level progressed gradually and introduced something new. 

Godot 3.2.2