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I won the round and I had dialog about it. After that another round is loaded, but I'm stuck. How can I send it to You? I havent start a new save after that, so I actually have the save in that state

Nice game! Really like it, but for me it just stuck after I finished 1 battle in Survival mode. I'm on the game screen where I can scroll and nothing more. Nothing happening and all I can do is start the Survival from the beginnig.

I think I spent more time in this game than in any game for Playdate so far.

I really can't find this option. Did You mean turn down volume on the playdate itself?

I like the sounds in game and want to disable only background music. SFX is good.

Now it's perfect! Thanks!!

Enjoyed the game!

But has bugs. After a.while of playing all three slots on the left seems like they occupied by balls while in reality they empty.

Also looks like after a while ball counting inside reactor going crazy and 3 balls already makes screen looks cracked.

It need to be fixed, but even now game is addictive.

The game is damn good!

One feature request tho: can You make an option to turn off music during gameplay?

Nice game! It's a good time killer. But it would be very nice to have some kind of high score. Or at least give us an opportunity to see how much score we done after being busted. Game just restarts and user can't focus both on score and gameplay.

Nice. It would be great to have a chart of prizes tho.

Also, game crashes if user selects zero as a bet. It's possible.

It's seen on the video. The screen flickering some times on the girl breast zone

This truly must be in top-rated Playdate games! It just fun and well-polised. Enjoyed it a lot!

Fun and silly (but still fun!) little game. 

One thing - why is there some glitch blinking between frame changes?