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Thanks! And whoops lol. I really should have added some kind of prompt explaining that you can change characters.

Sorry about that, I made a goof uploading the game. I re-uploaded it, it should work now! (It's now a zip file you'll need to unzip, with the appropriate data folder I was missing before...)

Hey, just curious: Which version of RPG Maker did you use to create this, and how did you get this running in a browser? I did an RPG Maker thing last year and didn't realize there was any browser player option. This is really cool!

This was cool. I really enjoyed the style. ...I kind of want this to become a short film with the Giant Bomb dudes playing themselves.

Hey Renahzor!

Thats a good point; I've added more detailed instructions on the game's page!

That was really fun. I really dig the way everyone looks! Although I didn't read the description before I started so when I got to the room with the chomp in it I just kept shooting at it, because years of Mario games have trained me to never go near them...

That was fun!

Awesome! I'm glad you got to play it (and even more glad you enjoyed it)!

As for resolution... as far as I know, I didn't see any options in RPG Maker for changing the resolution, so the default it that tiny window (which is also how I tested everything, too). That said, you can use Alt-Enter to fullscreen it, though depending on your monitor's resolution there might be stretching.

As for the music... I completely forgot to add in the music. That's my bad.

Hey Plastic Diamond!

I don't know why the download isn't working, but I'll see what I can do.

As for the file size, unfortunately that's largely a limit of making a game with RPG Maker VX Ace. For anyone to play the game on a computer that doesn't contain the the RPG Maker RTP, it needs to be included with the game (and including it bumps this particular game from about 16 MB up to 206.) Unfortunately, because of the compression RPG Maker does when creating the file, putting it in a ZIP doesn't actually lower the file size. However, I can put up the version without the RTP included, which will be about 16MB, but it won't be playable without RPG Maker itself installed.

But anyways, thanks for letting me know, I'll see what I can do!