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Tiny rogues?

great art!

Awesome art!

I bet it will be awesome! Keep up good work.

nice but expensive 

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Thanks for the good art! I started to use EoF for my game. Here is my feedback for the props:

- The bridge parts should be seperated because it causes layering problems:

(Same for the stone bridge. )

- It will be better if we have "idle" states for campfire, cooking pot and the forge. For now, they're not in full potential and just for decoration. If there is "not burning" versions, then we can use they like crafting stations.

- If there was a full version of the bucket, it could create a good synergy in the game with the water well.

- It's nice to have empty versions of posting board and drying rack: (for more interactivity)

And lastly, there is shadowed and no-shadow versions of the assets. I use shadowed versions. But when I try to animate assets programmatically, shadow is also animating. If there were a "only-shadows" version of the tilesheet, then we can put the items and shadows seperately, and animate only the shadow.

Thank you again, waiting for insta buy your next release.

Best wishes,

**Edit: Deleted the screenshots. 

Can you add crafting stations like Workbench, Cooking Pot, Alchemy Table etc...

Hey thanks, this will absolutely help!

I guess I checked all the for 2 days. :) No packs as quality as this, the color palette is unique.  Keep up the good work.

Can I take this object's size as reference for the main character's size?


Hi, I'm planning to use EoF on a dont'starve like mobile survival game. But I need more assets. Are there any other top-down asset packs compatible with EoF?

Waiting the sale!

Great art! Please do some enemy & character expansion!


Can you please add attack animations?

Good art!


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CAn you please add attack animation?



Good art! It needs white and blue portals too!

Thanks mate waiting for it!






Good art. Thanks!

Good work!


Thanks for this!

Good art! Can you please add a shadow dropped version for top-downs?

Good art!

Keep up the good work!

Does it have only HP version without stamina?

Thanks mate! Waiting it for my game. :)

Good art mate. Please make a character pack compatible with this pack!

Good art mate, just purchased! Can you please make it a one spritesheet? There is too many seperated images...

What is the tile size?