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Oh my goodness! A new Skutnik game?! I've been following your games since the beginning of the submachine series in what ... 2004? 2005? And Covert Front - "Macht das licht aus!" :) All brilliant and challenging, with a beautiful, mournful atmosphere.

Back then I had hardly any spare money, and free flash games were the only gaming I could afford. Now I am so happy to have a job where I can pay for all these games. *Thank-you* for almost two decades of special and inspiring places.

I often copy elements of the environments into my sketchbook as I'm playing - the rocks, levers, piles, magic objects, bottles etc have a certain life in them.

Two notes for players on Mac:

1. As mentioned in the download notes, you might have to move the unzipped game to another folder, and then back again, to get it to run.

2. To save the game, press Esc whilst in-game, then choose Save and Quit. Don't just hard quit the game, as this will create a corrupted save file, at least it did for me. Luckily I hadn't yet progressed very far at that point :)

Happy exploring everyone!

I got this as part of the 'A Good Bundle'. Having arrived at the green-skied world, I'm not going any further. Nothing's wrong with the game, it's just that .... suddenly there was a special, dreamlike, and persistent emotion. A combination of the text, sound, space, and colour brought it to the fore. Thank-you for making a game that can do that!