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Ubergon MX

A member registered Apr 09, 2015

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Second c: sanpu puas ^-^

Yay, me and my potato can't wait for the update :D

I havent downloaded the game, is this game have local multiplayer?

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My potato laptop (CPU: Intel Core i5 2410M @ 2.30GHz, RAM: 6.00GB Dual-Channel DDR3) is seriously heating up/overheating. What specs is recommended for this or required?

Haha, now I can't remove the way I see it x)

Funny topic actually, my first look on the girl on the images

Oh I didn't know there's a forum. Thanks anewey
For a complete beginner, it's really hard to put exact notes of the song though I have an idea, I'll just test it with my guitar lol...

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I just learned something new, never learned before about MML or anything about it. Thanks for this tool! Here, I created a simple music (took me long enough because of trial and error for notes, I want to know if there's any note identifier software) ---> We will rock you.mmlp

Thank you sir :)

How do I get Waste (not Dry Waste)? Because that is my problem, I don't have enough waste to produce some resources...