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Hi, I have no idea what was causing the problem, but it works perfectly now. I'm very sorry!

The technology is evidently not perfect, but in my opinion it just adds to the charm. I liked this experience, though the introductory video was a little confusing (It appeared behind me and I only saw black until I realized)

I thought I'd see the center cube purple, but turns out I see it fully blue. I guess this is a good test to see what's your dominant eye. Other than that, I hate this. 10/10.

great game! feels a little weird having only 3dof, and the reflection always looked higher than me. but its a really nice short experience

I think It'd be interesting to revisit this project now with the Quest 2 & Index hand tracking functionalities. Though with the Index it wouldn't possible to make some hand gestures (E, M, N, T, R, S)

I literally haven't played that game, and honestly don't really feel like it. But if this is like the regular game but in VR, I absolutely will give it a try.

Asking in case it's just a short experience or something for those who already played, instead of a full remake like the VR remakes of FNAF games by yurogamedev

Awesome port to VR

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Hi Miro, sorry it took me so long to reply.

I tried recording it, but the video looks buttery smooth (Steam VR view) while in my HMD the game is janky as hell, so it wouldn't really be helpful. However I made this screenshot from the recording.

I'm using a 2060 and a i5-10400, with an Index (settings in the image above).
Now, I know my PC isn't the best and can't handle max resolution and 144 on many games. But trust me, this is not normal. I've never seen the GPU and CPU like that. It's skipping SO MANY FRAMES!

I dont really know tech so I can't tell you what's the problem. But hopefully the screenshot helps. I would love to test the game again if you ever come up with a possible solution!

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This game would be really fun if it wasn't the laggiest experience I've had in VR (seriously, what I played was great - but I didn't even finish one level)

Edit: It works perfectly now, I think there might have been something wrong on my end.

Is this only for Quest?

So how's that going?

I also have this issue (spanish), there is nothing on the main menu. In fact, I dont think there even is a main menu.

Will the PC version have microtransactions too? If so I'll probably just stick to the first game.

Very charming game, loved it and got all endings. My only regret is not being able to date Bob the Emotional Support Skeleton

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It doensn't have an executable...