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ur mum

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dude I wish there was like, a "continue" button.

because whenever I finish boss fight 1, I will be out of lives and I immediately die when I get to the new level then I will have to restart all over again,


good thing this popped on my recommended,  

I almost cried from the music playing while Fio died and crow just looked dead inside staring at Fio's body and all sad then sofia just appeared at the back of him lol,

but if anyone know can you tell me why Sofia known as Fio's sitter ig, killed him? 

ty! I rate this game 4.5/5 btw :) 

sorry if it's not much!


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Just as I saw this game good thing I could play it in the browser since my "downloading file" doesn't really work,

but just as I saw the images I was thinking to myself haven't I seen or heard this game before until I realized that one of my favorite youtubers LaurenZside played this and then I was like "oh heck noooooo" 

I mostly forgot all the game and how it will go but I only remember the youtuber playing it.

eh sorry that was irrelevant just saying

This was pretty sad and scary, good job on the affects in the game!

But as I got to the end Elena was asking Priya that if they go back there it's not like they're going to jump it, but idk it just ended there with some credits.

Is there more endings than this or did I just possibly make it to the only right ending?

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LMAO just as I got the knife I remember a youtuber called LaurenZside playing this game, so I decided to get "darrel" from the closet and it actually worked.. I didn't even go up to the guy on the bed I just thought stabbing the closet while it's closed it won't even work as a joke I did it, I stabbed the closet and uhhh- victory :D....


I find this game fun since I saw more than one youtuber just playing this so this game must've been more famous by just 18 days,
In that case I sadly cannot try it but it's obviously fun and I know that,
I don't really blame the game or app store because I cannot download this
But I'd just blame my laptop and so my downloading file

all it says is just error!

can I fix it??