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Look up look down Hey! Man, I played your game last year and threw up. Ha ha, good game

It looks terrible. I even hope I can leave here alive. Now download it immediately and experience your fear! Good game!

Wow, how interesting! It looks good. I'll download it now. Thank you for making the game. Good luck, man

I think this is an unforgettable game, hahaha

I like this game. It makes me so weird

Man, the game is good. Can I download the experience now

Good game! I hope there are no problems in the download process

Good game! I now download the experience. Thank you for your wonderful game

Can you not go to this hamburger restaurant? It scared me to death. I chose to cook by myself. The game was very good and great

Good game development! Is this one of the hauntedps1 madvent community games? Well done, I like graphics very much!

游戏做的不错!挺喜欢你的游戏的 有中文这样我就不要翻译了哈哈哈哈哈

I have to say that your game is fast and great!

I have to say this cover is very much like McDonald's

Good game. It's scary and creepy

I think I should download it

Wow, I think the game is very cool. I like playing it

Excuse me? No download address? Web play is a little bad. I hope to have a download link. Thank you!

It's a great game. It's scary. I like it!

My friend, I'm here again to experience the fear game you created, ha ha ha ha ha

Oh, it's terrible. Good game

A good game won't be too difficult, will it!

I think it's cool to play this game! The game is good and scary

I can also get onions in 1 minute haha!The game is good and fun

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The game is good. I like picture pixel games. The development of games is good!

Good game, man. Continue to develop more games. Thank you

The game is good. I hope it's not scary

well! oh man Is the game scary? It looks fun

Great game. Think about it carefully. Why? Who wrote the note? Who is the uncle who opened the door? Is it carbon monoxide poisoning that causes hallucinations? Good game!

Good game

Good game

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Good game. I like 3D pixel games

No war, no pain, this game is good!

Good game download I play!

That's great. You make games like running water. The game development is fast!

The game is good. I want to download and play!

This is a good game. The sound is terrible. I like the Videotape style horror game from the 1980s to 1990s. It's scaring me to death!

Good game, good development