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Not only does it accurately Interpolate a 10 fps file to 80fps, but it has the added bonus of deleting duplicate frames from the video for a much smoother transition for interpolating the video!

I also used SVP pro, so Flowframes and VEAI have rendered that program obsolete as there are no wavy artifacts!

Just downloaded this game!

Well, it's also DRM-Free on GoG if that's any consolation...

"This is a free demo for Littlewood which is currently on Steam!"

And GoG, as that's where I bought mine! Great game BTW, veery addicting!

LOL, And thank you for bringing another future game dev into the fold, I very much look forward to your son's future contributions! :)

"He is jumping up and down from joy lol. He is thanking you so much!"

That is the best $10 I ever spent! And it makes it all worthwhile!

As promised, I hope your son enjoys the $10 worth of candy!

WoW, this is excellent! Great game and artwork, I'll have to wait 'til my next check to donate, but come the first of March your kid's gonna need to brush his teeth with all the candy he's gonna get!

Cool, thank you for the reply, if this doesn't get released on gog I'll still buy it here!

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The animation, and art direction is brilliant, thank you so much for releasing the prototype build for us, I added it to my collection and am following your studio!

Can't wait to see the finished build! Will the finished build be released to GoG BTW?

Thank you, I cannot wait until it's released!

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Great game love the art direction, pace and exploration as well as gathering of materials in order to paint which gives you incentive to work for a goal rather than just wandering around aimlessly...

My only issue is the performance, as I have an AMD Ryzen 9 3900x and an RTX 3090 yet I still get dips in the 50s, but I blame that on the Unity engine more than anything as that engine is notorious for its un-optimized performance!