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smh XD

I have to say this first that chair scared tf out of me ok now with the real review...

This game was a nice little play. I don't think I've come across a backrooms concept like this yet so it's fairly unique in this regards. The monster was ok and so were the puzzles. This game was short and sweet and got eh point across. I'm a little weird so I would want a good scare when the monster actually gets you but that's not necessary. ihope to see more of you in the future. GG

PS. That chair was the scariest thing in this game 6:28 

Tbh with you this game felt like a lot of filler. Definitely 087 inspired which is my favorite scp. I can't lie thought the few jump scares did get me so you got me there.

- I would say it did build up the atmosphere.
- Empty schools are creepy in itself
- 087 inspired

- It felt like filler ( as in walk down a stairway nothing happens for a while to go down an elevator)
- Louder doesn't equal scarier.

I would say add one more element. Such as finding a note or unlocking a door to add a little more substance to this game. But since it got me GG lol.

I enjoyed this game more then I thought I would tbh lol. I've played a couple of looping games on and I thought that this concept was just going to be used as padding (still could be) but through the changes it definitely threw me off for what really happened in the end. 

I like to try to give some kind of constructive criticism, but for what this game is, it played pretty nicely. Next time I would try to buy things that are not on the list to see if it would do anything. This game is setup nice for multiple endings as well

I liked the atmosphere this game created the only thing I wish is that there would be some sort of big jump scare at the end.

Great Job.

This demo was great I highly highly recommend it. Like I said at the end of this vid I actually had to play through it for a second time which is the reason for me seeming to just skip somethings. But even with the fore knowledge of this game it still made me jump at times. I hope I get a chance to play the full release.

Normally I try to do some pros and cons to help with development anyway I can. But honestly you seem to have this in the bag. A great demo.


- lighting and sound
-- Which results in great atmosphere
- Most things are interactable
- Small details were taking into consideration

-- And I like the fact that the doll doesn't appear in the hall unless you go see him in the room first.

All in all GGs and I can't wait to see what you bring to the table in the full release


Just a slide in the woods apparently. I had fun with this one, was a little weird on the scene change, sense the title is "slide in the woods" but all in all I would recommend for a quick sit down scare.

Finally, I've been waiting for a new SCP-087 game for so long, I was going to make it myself but I dont think it would have been any where as good as this one was. SCP-087 is one of my favorite SCP's, and I tend to think back to the days when I first came across the SCP foundation website and started reading. SCP-087 seemed to have stuck with me and I would imagine how creepy it would be to go down this godforsaken stairwell.

I took this opportunity to rp this very scenario in this video. I rp as if I'm in the stairwell going down. It's definitely a little cringey but because of the subject matter I was able to really open up my commentary more ( I normally do no commentary).


I would have to say over all I really liked this experience if it wasn't obvious already. I turned the gamma down to make it alot more creepy. I really like the atmosphere and it progresses ok, there isnt alot of empty space like in a couple SCP-087 games.

I have nothing negative to say this is great would recommend. GG's

"I hope he is ok, he said he was going to message me after school. I know, I know...but every since she's come around things have been... different. And his last message: "Stayed after school to study, could use a little help." He doesn't study..."

I really enjoyed my time with this start to finish. Had my interest from the start with the mysertious arcade setting. I first thought that alot of time was passing and nothing was happening at the beginning (because I like to look around alot) but it set me up well for when things really kicked up (gave me the "good spook"). So you had me reeled in, the sounds and atmosphere really did it. The office interaction was also really great best part for me. 

I would have to say the baddy is very very under whelming. In some cases can be ok as long as it can have that "presence". The static monster has it sometimes... idk... when I don't see him is when it's the best. 

This is just a demo I know so hopefully I don't sound like to much or anything. I just really thought this game was really cool and pretty good too. GGs

lol in a week ok this is great then, yea and no problem.


Ok... I'm writing this like a week after finishing up the video. I don't know why this took me so long. I don't know why I was over thinking this game so much. but yea... Ok so the very first thing that comes to mind when I remember playing this game was the story setup. With the intro scenes and music building ambience in the background. This really made a great setup and pulled me in to continue playing this game. Next I noticed the animations were smooth and not clunky (example: some games have the movement speed of a model and the animation speed of the model off sync and when it is, it stands out alot)I would say the controls need a bit of finer tuning but that's just the programmer in me plus I try not to say to much about controls in a game unless their really awful because I feel that it's meant to be like that so you can get used to a new experience/feel which might lead to you having to relearn common controls... anyway. The story was pretty straight forward nothing wrong with that and the pacing wasn't to bad either.

The first time I encountered a bug was interacting with the knife which caused my camera to 360 (noscope) if you walked to the side of it. That same bug allowed me to get outside the building at one point and also get the other ending at another. I wasn't going out my way to find these bugs, they just occur while playing. I would just say take a final jog along the parameter of your game at the end to prevent things like this.

And minor camera spasm when you enter a door. I don't know I would just say pause control input for those milliseconds while the camera readjusts.
All in All I enjoyed my time playing this game, and I will be looking out for more.

- Music/Atmosphere/Sound design
- Cinematic feeling cut-scenes
- Good Story
- Great setup

- Couple Bugs
- - 9:33 Second Ending Bug
- - 10:29 Bug allowed me to get outside
- Choices at the end are a little finicky

I intention for all of this isn't to be mean or over criticize your game or anything like that. I just feel like creators on create these games/experiences and people make videos on them for themselves and yea people see your game but... all I'm trying to say is I appreciate you for making this and I want to put effort into showing that. 

I enjoyed this project, I will be looking out for more from you. Thank you again. GGs

no problem. I glad you got a chance to see it. Keep it up


The very first think that pops to mind is the music. I really liked the music choices and I found myself writing down several tallies for music. The art is what made me click on this game and I'm so glad I downloaded it and tried it out. This art style is very interesting I would really like to see more of this rather it be more "fairy tales" of just these fantastically beasts (Bottom Face Toads lol...). This story was nice and refreshing and I didn't have to try very hard to get into it. And I really like Ascat ( that was the point but whatever you got me lol). The tittle screen and ending screens are very nice as well, and satisfying for what ending you got. Ok I said a lot of good so here is a little bad (The bad isn't all that bad in this case since it's first game jam and because of the basic primis but anyway). How basic this game is. Now hold on that's not entirely a bad thing especailly since this more so story driven, but the with some off these other cons they kinda work against each other. I'm not a big fan of back tracking unless something changes along the way so it kinda feels like filler that makes also how long some of the transition scenes (the ones where the wolf can come) feel longer. And lastly the puzzles I think that adding something like this to your games is a really good idea and it helps break up the monotony of "run here get idea" repeat. I just think the average time to beat needs to be a little shorter (or maybe I'm dumb lol). You spend a little to much time away form the story. This game is great, I actually sat down and took notes on this. Would recommend...

- Music
- Art Style
- Cat
- Story
- Puzzles

- Basic
- Backtracking
- Long transition scenes
- Puzzle Length

I really hope you don't look at this and think I don't like your game. I really really really liked this, that's why I went out of my way to say all of this I actually took some noted and really thought about the game (during the game analysis) that I was talking for like 10 mins lol. Followed I can't wait to see more. GGs Keep It Up...


A sewer horror game huh... So tight corridors and soggy socks awaits. I got just that but what I got too much of was the in your face monsters and spooky/chase music that was always playing. I really feel like this game would have benefited from a more of a slow burn or some kind of build up. This game wasn't scary at all and at times you couldn't even see the screen because of the water/splash effects. I did like the addition of you having to sometimes crouch or even... crawl lol. I wish that was used more. This game is just run that's pretty much it.

- Great title music (it makes for a great set-up for your game)
- Brief crouch/crawl tutorial at the beginning (that was a great way to show that hey we will be using these)
- I like mazes

- Too much running (that is how you beat this game, you miss out on alot of things because you have to run the whole time)
- Some monsters are too fast (Water snake kills you even if you are running so it's a gg for you if you see one)
- This game is too in your face (I know that probably was the point seeing as the whole game is like that but you are in a sewer that in itself is scary, you didn't play off that at all just kinda covered it up, like this games setting could have been anything with tight spaces and it would have been the same experience)
- Some of the screen effects need to be turned back a little ( when you get to the high water part you pretty much can't see or make out anything so.. just run)
- And please if we are going to run most of the time and it's a maze maybe make it so that your speed stays the same if you are looking to the side while running forward (strafing) that would boost the experience a little.

And even with all these cons I still played it until I got an ending so keep it up, and I hope to see more. GGs

12:48 - Good Ending

13:23 - Bad Ending

(1) 3:17,   (2) 6:35,   (3) 9:48,   (4) 10:54

Quick Thoughts:
I've been grinding out 2.0 trying to beat it but apparently it was impossible (Hearing that only made me want to beat it more. spoiler alert I didn't. Was it impossible, I don't know, but what I do know is when I saw there was a bug fix I went right back at it.

Version Thoughts:
Honestly the only thing that really catches my attention (atm) is the AI. So the first thing that I think of is has/how her behavior has changed. Adding a Yandere and Yangire state to her. One less aggressive then the latter. Only speaking for the normal mode at least. I didn't "see" much change. Yea I've read the logs and she did a couple different things here and there. but the basic concept of trying your best to avoid her will yield the same experience as the last version just minus the door looping.

I like what I read about the changes and I hope to see more of the Yandere to Yangire differences how ever sight, drastic, or anywhere in between they may be.

Would be cool to see:
Like maybe make it like Yandere could be your life line just you have to keep in mind that she could change at any moment. So one minute she is like you own personal nurse or scavenger or helper like sidekick and then the next you're in a chase for your life.

I really like what the dev is doing with this game and I will continue to follow it and see what is done with it.

Yes I've been waiting for a long time for this I havent played it yet I've heard that "hard" mode is impossible this time so I cant wait to give it a try. Keep it up dev


... something about christmas horror hard puzzles. "You son of a bitch, I'm in"

no problem like I said I can't wait to play more by you.   PS is there some else you can do with the crowbar in the subway other then break the redio lol

Thoughts about game:

This game is a nice festival horror. More then what I expected honestly. I haven't played any others games by this dev but I will be looking into this more. There are a couple of little things that I will go back and play the game to experiment with, but as it stands I'm pretty happy with this game and it's outcome. I have nothing negative to say, keep it up is all and I will most definitely be looking out for more games by you in the future.


Ok the very first thing that stood out to me was the filter that was being used. It seemed like the camera was in cased in a dome that didn't rotate with you, so it gave everything a weird look normally and even weirder as you rotated (cool concept). This game is pretty cool and has a nice narrative. I found myself looking behind me every time one of those cut scenes were over until I realized what was happening.

This game isn't to far from reality... I mean do any of us know a butcher in real life...?

Ok thanks for the reply I will be checking for an update keep it up this is awesome.


First thing that stood out to me was the art style. It really conveys this really eerie atmosphere. Then as soon as you look away for the first time, and the dang fridge starts talking about how he is a ninja while loudly stumping towards is pretty creepy. I played around with this game a little because I thought it was cool so what's being seen in the video isn't my first play through, but trust me my first play through was trash and I didn't know you could move things even though I read the game store page lol. This game is pretty good and even though it was made for a game jam maybe it could get a few more updates to flush things out a little more. I would be interested to see what the devs would do.

I know this is a game jam game but maybe a few more updates I really like this game.


If your eyes stay closed it moves closer

Maybe Bug:

I never had to get the letter "I"

np thank you


This game man, this game. Watching the game play back and it just doesn't do this game justice. I actually had to walk out the house like 5 times just saying, "nope nope nope nope nope" lol. And the now you see me now you don't effects work very well in such a tight environment. Really really nice atmosphere. I loved the sounds I saved two of the granny sound clips for later use. I can't wait til the full version or even just an updated demo.

And to anyone that may read this you have to play this game, it WILL give you those nope vibes.

I'll follow then can't wait to see what's to come

I'll follow then can't wait to see what's to come


My very first thought is I really like how this story unfolds. Yea it's more of a narrative then a game but still is a nice play through. I'm left with so many questions. This was really good.

Made a vid. This game was pretty good I think I took it a little too serious though lol. Add more even if it's just a jump scare ending


Honestly I went into thinking that is was going to be some low grade fan game like most fan games, but no. This game was actually pretty good and got me a couple of times (I actually played this game a couple days ago when it was suggested to me but I didn't record it until yesterday so I skipped a lot of scares, but the once that are still in did get me).
WHAT IS THIS ENDING THOUGH LIKE ACTUALLY. Dude you got me a little hyped to see what was coming after our god pink guy descends from the heavens but (SPOILER ALERT --->) A Black screen at the end that just kicks you back to the start come on man you got to add a end I'll play again.

Clues Maybe:
- Wire spool that's on it's side in the subway tunnel has an arrow on one side and a "B3" on the other side; The last section has descending floors that are lettered, I couldn't figure anything out if there even is anything to it.




- Blowing out all the candles (probably doesn't do anything but I still tried to do it)

A No Commentary Gameplay
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My bad it too me so long to make this irl problems...

sorry to hear about your job. This game is a top tier fangame in my opinion

The trailer looks pretty good I would be lying if I said I wasn't interested.

It took me like 2 and a half hours to beat it but I was also still learning mechanics and stuff. This game is so cool I also beat HARD MODE. I can't wait for the next update.

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I really like this games setting. the old dingy building and cone flashlight really help to set the mood. Also had a couple of good creepy sounds. I'm just not all the scared of mannequins, I kinda think they are a little funny (I'm in the minority I know lol). This game just needs a little more, I guess I can try for the secret ending (I think that's a troll). Anyway this was pretty good and a nice play.


This game is suppose to be a prototype so it's kinda hard to have a real opinion. But the one thing that keeps popping into mind is the tv on repeat, that was so annoying. I don't know if that was the point or not seeing as is this game was depicting a older man with a mental disease but still (maybe you can turn the tv off I actually didn't try lol). The scares were a little weird and the finally one wasn't very impactful. I know by what I have said it may seem like I didn't like this game but I see potential so I will keep my eye out for it in the future.


Finally, finally (I repeat myself a lot) I beat this. Man I had to focus so hard in order to beat this, and guess what I beat it with 90 health left. I went from constantly dying to one attempt almost perfect. This game is amazing, I can't wait for the next update I will be right there running hard again. Keep this up.


This short indie game is about exploring a nightmare in which you need to evade a dangerous creature at the end. 5/10
average. - Critiqued By JccGamer,
lol. Ok me and a pal of mine took a look at this game and even though it's a little rough around the edge I can see potential. And I like to see people grow so keep up the good work.


Ok, I told my friend that I beat it on easy he said "easy" I took that as a challenge. Easy took two attempts, umm... normal took 2 hours. I prepped before this gameplay by reading through every dev log to see everything that has been added to the game. Even though I read and knew everything, there were still a few surprises throughout this. I feel like I'm getting pretty good at this now. Hard Mode soon to come.