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Really cool demo! I cant wait to see the rest!

Really cool game

Wow what a great game!

Great game! 10/10

cool game

Amazing game. Loved it! Once again thank you for reaching out to me and asking to play your game! Cant wait to see more.

Such a cool game! Really spooky and scary! 10/10

Very fun game to play! Yours is the 3rd video

Scared me when the microwave blew up 😂 yours is the second video

Very fun game to play! Yours is the first video


Cool game

Pretty cool game

What an amaziNg demo! it was so creepy and the sound design was really cool! Definitely going to be playing the full release 

Great game

hey great game but i have one question. Are you supposed to get stuck and not be able to go past the bed once you pick up the key? I've restarted the game a few times and the same thing keeps happening so I don't know if it is a bug? 

Pretty cool game! Loved the style and creepyness. Cant wait to see more

Your more than welcome:) keep up the great work

Pretty cool game:)

Pretty cool game

Wow! What an amazing game! It was so creepy! 10/10 would recomend.

Cool game! That one jumpscare really got me

As this is your first game i really liked it. The atmosphere was great, the style of the game was great and so was the story line. However the ending was quiet disappointing, i feel like you could have done something else with the ending rather than just leaving it as a scream. Other than that it was really good for a first game, keep up the good work i cant wait to see more. 

Great game. I loved it

Really good for your first game!

Really cool game. Loved the style of it

Very cool game

Cool fun little game:)

Very cool game!

Really cool game!

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As always your games never fail to disapoint! It was great!

Really cool short horror. Only thing that i didnt really like was that i couldnt look around or explore. Other than that it was great

Such a cool game! I loved it!

Such a fun game to play! 

I loved it! Such a fun game to play

So creepy and cool! I would love to see more! Yours is the third video:)

Really cool and fun game! Yours is the second video:)

Cool game! Yours is the first video:)

Really cool game! I got all 3 endings!

Great game!

Really cool game. Cant wait to see more