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Fun game! I really liked it:) 

He's so spooky! Loved the game:) 

Loved the spooky atmosphere! Jump scares were awesome!:) 

Loved the style of this game:) 

loved the spooky atmosphere! 

I really enjoyed this game:) 

Gave me outlast vibes! Really nice creepy game:) 

Such a cute demo! I enjoyed playing it:) 

A really cool game I enjoyed playing it :) 

Such a funny game! I enjoyed every minute of playing this game!:) 

Cool game i enjoyed playing it:)

Cool game! Only annoying thing is that sometimes its hard to get away from her. 

Cool little 5 minute game:) 

oh okay that makes more sense. Thanks for letting me know. It is a really good game thought you done a really good job:) 

Cool game

I really enjoyed this game!:) 

It was a really cool game:) 

I really liked the game it scared me a few times! I'm not sure if there was a bug thought because it wouldn't let me progress forward after I collected the body parts? 

I really enjoyed this game it was so cool!:) 

I really enjoyed this game! I got all endings!

Such a cool game:) 

Such a cool game! I'm excited for the full release! 

Awesome but frustrating game! 

Cool and creepy game!:) 

Amazing game! So creepy and cool! 

Awesome game! Loved the jump scares:)

Such a cool game! I got 2 endings! 

Cool game i really liked it:) 

Nice game!:)

Your welcome:) I noticed that you have released another game! I will definitely be playing it soon:) 

cool game:) 

My part 2 of all she wants for christmas is you! Final 6 endings are in this video! 

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Here's part 1 to my game play! I got all 12 Endings but took a while! 

A really cool game:) 

Such a cool creepy game! Loved the sound design! 

Ive played every single one of your games and this one is my favourite! 

Great game!:)

Great sound design. Scared the crap out of me multiple times! 

This was such a creepy game! it was awesome!:) 

It was a really good game:)