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Everything is dark - literally; everything is scary; and, everything is clouded in mystery. So many unanswered questions! Looking forward to playing the full game!

** video features version 0.0.6 before bug fixes and general improvements were added to the demo. 

I'm a sucker for PSX styled horror games and it's great to know that the immense creative talent necessary for building a game that could rival its honorary predecessors hasn't been lost.  The inspired nuances are everywhere, from sound design to character creation; fixed camera angles and stilted movement are nothing but nostalgic and very well done. You've undeniably gifted me with something positive to look forward to in 2023... 

* GLITCH: when standing directly next to a door while browsing the items menu the game will have Arthur proceed through the door (via sound cue) and a black screen will appear requiring a restart to continue playing as normal. 

This is a delightfully charming addition to the expanding catalogue of games that is Two Star Games. Full of personality, humor and originality. #ChooChooCharles

I played the earlier version of the game and, while the English language barrier is apparent, the game is a short, delightfully scary and mostly painless horror experience. 

From the developers Gamejolt page, all assets are original in their design. The game took 2 months to create and was developed as part of a university project.

The amount of patience and skill needed to render fully realized, interactable, and photorealistic environments with Unreal Engine 4 is on full display in this "playable teaser". What has undoubtedly taken weeks, months of work has scared thousands of bright-eyed horror game fans for years, in only just a few minutes!

It goes without saying that this short, scary and visually appealing UE4 game will be enjoyed for many more years to come as a gem of sorts; it has amassed a cult following. Adding to the cult fever is the fact that the developer is as mysterious as the ghost in the attic! 

I have yet to watch the developers YouTube video about their creative process but, judging from what I just played, the creator had all the right ideas and many humorous ways of piecing them all together to create this short, surreal horror experience. 

Minimalistic visuals, unique storytelling and a rare backdrop make this short entry into the ever-overlooked genre of found footage horror an undeserved gem. 

The developers catalogue of games shows a vast array of knowledge and improvement as they continue progressing along the no-stops journey that is game development and it is awe-inspiring. 

The protagonist has vivid, almost too-real nightmares about hospital beds, seemingly unending hospital corridors (perhaps signifying past trauma or foreshadow), dreary office buildings and uncomfortable work chairs; and, the color red. I almost forgot to mention the silent, dark haired woman with no legs and scars all over her body who may or may not be following your every step... 



The not-dog is teleporting human wares and food - like a fully cooked uneaten pepperoni pizza and a blocky couch - to its lavishly large, warm and cozy $1,300/month apartment that is centered in one of the better neighborhoods of the freakish hellscape that is the Underworld. A place it lovingly calls home after it has successfully made an entire house and all of its occupants never to be seen or heard from again... 

I was able to play the demo when it was first released and the gameplay in this video reflects that. 

Noticeably inspired by meme culture and disturbing tales from the internet (creepypasta), Shrek's Hotel takes the fundamental concepts of indie horror and uses them to its advantage to create a fun yet heart racing experience. This game is a work of art in it's own right! 

So far I have: distributed strange, neon-colored, glow-in-the-dark drugs; ended the lives of numerous innocent school children as an unstoppable homicidal maniac and juked Hagrid so hard that he broke his ankles. 

A surprisingly unsettling short game about with a disturbing twist ending! One can only imagine the surreal and creepy experiences real life late night curbside waste disposal teams have actually experienced!

** gameplay begins @ 19:00 **

A dark yet seemingly innocent game about a residential cleaner who unexpectedly meets an nightmarish and downright disturbing house guest!

** gameplay begins @ 07:28 **

Fun and original concept with a groovy soundtrack and an unexpected mind-bender of an ending!

An excellent addition to Analog Horror as there are very few game titles within the newly emerging genre that is quickly gaining in popularity. The visuals are dark and disturbing!

I have been so drastically enlightened by the self-aware talking fish that I can hardly compose an adequate enough sentence to display how utterly dull my life has been before discovering the profound reverence of the talented tongue-eating louse and its scaly host. 

 ( I just wanted to sound smart like the fish )
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The sincere words of gratitude and appreciation presented throughout this game page and end credits are what makes finding small, heartfelt and creatively inspiring indie games the best part of my day. 

** edit: I did not find the in-game secret **

The distinctly original and highly stylized artwork mixed with the creepy atmospheric tone of the entire game create a genuinely disturbing yet fun and enjoyable pixelated visual novel!

This game is seriously fun while also being surprisingly challenging! I'm not a fan of puzzle games but I couldn't resist the tempting allure of establishing my very own harem of beautiful and quirky demon girls!

I'm jealous by how well written this short review is...

An incredibly short and soft-on-the-eyes visual novel with a splash of relatability and a drop of situational comedy and a wave of absolute sadness. In other words: a truly unexpected and delightfully enjoyable game *:・゚✧

I'm a bit awkward when it comes to playing Visual Novels because the genre is still new to me; however, I would highly recommend this to VN enthusiasts! 

The disturbing imagery mixed with the realistic setting and characters scared me honestly because I have experienced the same internal struggle time-and-time again and I doubt I will ever truly feel "normal" or "sane". But, unlike my own confrontations, I was overjoyed to have achieved the 2nd ending because Cintia is the personification of the supportive, empathetic and caring friend some of us can only wish or dream of knowing someday. 

In all honesty, I wasn't able to beat the game and eventually admitted defeat, as I couldn't survive long enough to escape the underground train-tunnels no matter how many times I tried. I had a lot of fun nonetheless!

An interesting story with an unlikely scenario; the flashlight movement and flicker is impressively realistic and the jumpscares are surprisingly sparse yet effective. 

What is the terrible secret that awaits all who enter the basement?!

I've read a few of the comments below and every single word used to describe this game: its poignancy, art style and soundtrack, are all %100 true. A truly beautiful game.

The realistic interior depiction of the building and other small yet significant details such as the front office collection of random Post-It notes and the restroom grafitti were very immersive! 

Compared to this first game, your knowledge of body models in appearance and animation in later games has greatly improved!

If I were at this farm, the very moment I discovered the unfortunate state of the innocent farmer in the outhouse...

I would've decided immediately to just walk along the road in hopes that someone would drive by to help me; but, seeing as how the world is a cruel and evil place, I'd likely either die by the creature chasing me down or by the stranger who let me into their car whom I assumed was kind and would help me (-_-)

Another interesting look into the dark mind of the great Max Horror! The utilization of realistic body models is noticeably greatly improved from earlier learning experiences. 

The minimalist design paired with the disturbing narrative and  alienation of being a helpless, hapless, and utterly defenseless child make this short spectacle a truly unnerving and unsettling horror experience unlike any other. It engrosses you in a way many psychological horror games rarely manage to achieve in such a quick amount of time! 

Unlike the majority of horror games with themes of the macabre, this game succeeds where others have failed simply because most, if not all the visual and narrative elements presented throughout are disturbingly accurate to real world people and events. Unlike horror games where the player has to escape a man-eating creature or the haunting memories of their past, the scarring experiences and limited discretions of the main character, a prepubescent boy, are unsettling because they can and have happened to children in real life. You may never know of the disturbing realities your neighbors relish in behind closed doors nor what each individual person is capable of when no one is looking, let alone when face-to-face with a child that isn't their own. 

My Beautiful Paper Smile 

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Congratulations! To the best of my knowledge, this is the first horror game on where the antagonist is the internationally beloved and iconic sex symbol, Mr. Clean; at least in English, that is. 

I hate that I couldn't uncover the mysteries to find Ending 2 of 2 but, like many others, I did achieve both alternatives of Ending 1 0f 2.

This was an enjoyably quirky yet disturbing short horror game made in under 10 days! I'm still trying to figure out why the boss wouldn't let me in after trying to open the office door several times (didn't include that part in the gameplay video for time). Reminded me of Night of the Consumer for some reason.

Who doesn't enjoy a good Puppet Combo game with an immersive story and a gun?