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Looking forward to see what comes next, you have my support. I would recommend adding maybe puzzles? That would be cool, or some things to do inside of the game, not sure, still amazing.

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I have one thing to say to this, amazing! I love the turning effect where stuff disappears when you go around an object, very cool. The maze was kind of annoying mainly because I got cocky and made a run for the exit and died at the last second, but very cool anyways. I think this game will turn out amazing when it is fully done, well done. 

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I was excited to play this, but sadly since it won't open the game for me, I can not experience it for myself, what a shame. If you know how to fix this, please tell me.


This game is very well put together, although I liked it, I do think there should be some changes, and what I think would be cool to see. First off: when you run, it's kind of jagged and not very smooth, maybe make it so you can only run when it tells you to? Or possibly make the run slower? I completed the game in the matter of seconds because of this feature, whenever you hold the torch, you can barely see anything, maybe make the torch smaller, or put it farther away from you possibly, I think you should remove the light up affect on doors and such, and add text on the bottom of your screen telling you what button to click to open it while you are facing the thing you are opening. Some things that would be cool to see in the game: items in the chests that you could possibly use in some way, have multiple endings, possibly allow crafting in like a menu of some sort, add tools like axes to be able to chop down trees maybe outside of the wall? These are only some things I didn't like, and want to see. Don't get me wrong, the game was well done, and I am excited to see what comes out of it.

It's cool, I do not like the fact that the camera seems very laggy, and that you can not move freely. It's decent though for what it is.

It's pretty laggy, but very cool none the less.

Very well done, the walk is a bit rough, the menus should be able to have interactions with your mouse, but overall amazingly done!