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Thank you for the kind words.  I know it's a lot all at once. I wanted to make a game that was a challenge but also fun to get good at. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :D

That's so cool. I really hope you enjoy the game. Thanks, wobblyfootgamer.

Thanks, Tayloredtotaylor. That's kind of you to say. :)

I liked the mechanic and the animations were very good as well. The clams seem a little op. It felt like they made even attempting to collect the bubbles pointless. Was there a synergy that I missed out on? Great work.

Hi, wobblyfootgamer. I re-uploaded the zip. It seems like a folder was missing. Should work now. Please, let me know if it doesn't. Thanks.

That's so cool, Dlean Jeans. Thanks for playing. Thanks for the tips as well.

Simple and fun. Good job.