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Great achievement for a single person. This is a real fun shmup! I got that it's inspired by Gemini Wing, but stage 4 looks very much like stage 3 of MUSHA (Aleste). Awesome!
High-Score saver is much appreciated, thanks for the update! Only the pause function is still missing, like in Neutron as well. Would be cool to have that too. Anyway, very cool game this is!

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Thanks for the update. I'm sure this will help quite a few more people get through the game. I for myself still have to check If I really need that option though, but it's nice to have it! Any chance that a PAUSE function will come in a future version?

that little movement of the background corresponds to the player's (player moves left -> playfield moves right and vice versa). and it is obviously intended by the author. It gives an illusion of a wider space, or of a certain depth of the games' world.  at least that's what it does make me feel and i'm sure that's what the author wanted to achieve. so IMHO it's a good thing and a feature that should stay in the game.

This game is an awesome achievement for 16K! Plays really well, graphics + sounds are excellent for this limited format, as are the controls and the weapons system! Now I'm really looking forward to the full version