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Thanks for another cool new game the good old breadbin. Looks fun, will try soon. Keep up the good work!

But, this brand new game is another in a way too long row of C64 games that are silent apart from the soundtrack. Why no SFX? They usually enhance the overall gaming experience, making it more immersive, I'd say. Sam's Journey did it quite well for instance. Of course maybe it's just me and most C64 gamers like those games that way. And I should add that I've got no coding skills so maybe I don't actually know what I'm talking about. Only persoonal oppinion here and no offense intended of course!

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Made it to Stage 7 today on Normal mode. Certainly one of the top 5 shmups on the C64 (again). Super responsive controls, excellent graphics (better than in Soul Force and Zeta Wing 1) and great entertaining level bosses. Especially liked the wasp boss in Level 6, though that one was a bit too easy to beat compared to the previous stage bosses. But I liked the bio theme, seems inspired by Thunder Force IV Stage 8 boss. Music has also been improved somewhat in here compared to Sarah's previous games, although I still think it could be better. But overall this is an absolutely gorgeous title for the humble 8-bit platform. Must have!

Where can I find the updated verion? I can't test the game right now but the files that are linked here appear to be the old ones?

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Great achievement for a single person. This is a real fun shmup! I got that it's inspired by Gemini Wing, but stage 4 looks very much like stage 3 of MUSHA (Aleste). Awesome!
High-Score saver is much appreciated, thanks for the update! Only the pause function is still missing, like in Neutron as well. Would be cool to have that too. Anyway, very cool game this is!

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Thanks for the update. I'm sure this will help quite a few more people get through the game. I for myself still have to check If I really need that option though, but it's nice to have it! Any chance that a PAUSE function will come in a future version?

that little movement of the background corresponds to the player's (player moves left -> playfield moves right and vice versa). and it is obviously intended by the author. It gives an illusion of a wider space, or of a certain depth of the games' world.  at least that's what it does make me feel and i'm sure that's what the author wanted to achieve. so IMHO it's a good thing and a feature that should stay in the game.

This game is an awesome achievement for 16K! Plays really well, graphics + sounds are excellent for this limited format, as are the controls and the weapons system! Now I'm really looking forward to the full version