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I'm missing two memories, the "a spider's warning for the wandering fey" and the  "you feel the urge to rest near streams, rivers, lakes" one. How do I get them?

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Playing the Windows 10 version. On startup it says "Can't parse file /Resources/Audio/g" and then it crashes.

Edit: Nevermind, the problem was with my computer, a restart fixed it. However, when I start the game now, all I get is a black screen with a small white dot in the top left corner.

I noticed the selection screen has 6 empty slots.

Might I request a Yautja (from Predator) get added to the roster? 

Will we be getting a bit more diversity with the aliens in the future? So far of the characters introduced only Skru'Vaks is really alien. The rest are just humans with weird skin colors and a few extra bits. I was hoping for something and more like Star Wars, Mass Effect, or Ben 10 where the aliens look truly alien.

Sorry if I'm coming off as whiny. I am enjoying this game so far. I was just wondering is all.

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An nice start. I'm especially looking forward to the bondage content. 

Will there be aliens too?

No worries. Take your time.

Will you be updating this for 0.2?

So... I just finished the scene where we first meet Agatha and... um... 

Spoilers and Wild Mass Guessing below:

Is... is Cole actually Marrow AND Hamish's biological kid and not just Marrow's? Because ngl, I was kind of enjoying the whole "you're not my real dad" dynamic Cole had going with Hamish and making him Hamish's biological kid kind of ruins that. It's a fairly cheap way to resolve the conflict in Hamish and Cole's whole sort of "son not liking his step-dad" relationship and opens up a number of rather uncomfortable questions. Like, why wouldn't Marrow and Hamish just TELL Cole this when he was younger? Cole makes no secret of the fact that he thinks of Hamish as "Dad's killjoy boyfriend" instead of "Dad #2" and it makes Marrow out to be a really shitty partner if he didn't step in and clear this matter up for all these years. I just can't see Marrow doing that considering what I've seen of him.

Basically, I hope I'm wrong and just overthinking things. There's clearly something magical about Cole's origins based on what Agnes said, but what is still unknown and I really hope it isn't what I think it is.

I got to the scene where the trio have lunch with Sidd's mom and I want Ilia to adopt Artemi and pull out that broken bottle on Katrina.

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...Holy crap. A gay nsfw Furry VN that happens to have a female protagonist! (Or, one of the protagonists at any rate.) I never thought I'd see the day!

Just so people who aren't in the discord are aware, the next update is planned to be out around December 15th. Might be a few days before or after, but that's the date they're shooting for.

Um... where is the CG gallery?

It's always disappointing whenever a masked character's face is revealed and Bread is already cute enough that we don't need to see what he looks like!

So I want to complete the lizard vs bull war questline as perfectly as possible: get Thane's ending, save the spy, stop Axel from hanging the three lizards, and getting Nauxus to like you enough to date you, but looking at the guide it's impossible to achieve that because no matter what I do, I won't have low enough suspicion with Axel to convince him to spare the lizards or low enough suspicion with Nauxus to get him to date me. Is there something I'm missing? Is my math wrong? 

This is pretty much the only M/M nsfw game out there that's focused on bondage content and I am so happy that it exists!

Yeah, the white disclaimer screen is also like that.

Yeah it's Windows 10, but the computer is less than a year old.

I've got a problem. Whenever I open the game the visuals look like this: 

This game seriously needs a way to save the achievements you've completed. Having to start from scratch after closing the game is HUGELY discouraging. 

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The fact that you actually listened to our criticisms in this instance has earned you my immense respect. It takes an honest writer to be willing to admit when they've messed up and fix it.

That bitch Komoli should be sacked. Not only did she imprison Killigan against his will, she tried to screw over Mac's graduation by giving him an exam in something that NOT EVEN THE HEAD HYDRONETICS INSTRUCTOR knew a lot about.

Not entirely sure this is a bug but the changelog  says that the milking pods are can be interacted with now yet everything in the milking room past the guard quarters just says WIP.  

Thanks! I somehow missed that!

In the previous version, you were able to see potential construction options that you couldn't access yet so I could plan what to shoot for and know what I need to get it. But now that is gone and I can't unfilter things. Could that feature be added back in? 

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As someone who really likes masked characters, I'm a little sad the ninja Tsukimaru is showing his face.

In fact, only a couple of characters are wearing headgear and it's mostly restricted to eye coverings. Where are the helmets and bandannas? 

Eh... it is what it is.

I do not appreciate Nauxus making the moves on Rhot. He's mine!

(jk of course, Rhot is bae and Nauxus has good taste. A shame there's no threesome scene with them.)

So I've got the antilycan. How do I cure Bernard? There's only the option to give him Wolfs Bane (which I did) and nothing else. CAN I cure him yet?

Adastra, or as I like to call it: Emotional Devastation: The Visual Novel.

So long as the "good ending" is ACTUALLY GOOD (as in mostly happy) then I'm fine.

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Alright, just to let you know, if the ending goes down the bullshit tragic route that Echo did, I'mma fucking shank you. That crap won't fly anymore and it makes me not want to play your games.

Fuck Cato and praise Neferu.

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I'm finding the lack of choice a little frustrating. I just got to the scene where Amicus gets a little "handsy" with Neferu in the bath house and I'm honestly infuriated that I can't smack Amicus upside the head for potentially alienating (pun not intended) a potential ally. 

Edit: Okay, that I couldn't agree to take a walk with Neferu and Alex is even more egregious. FFS this PC is an idiot. If Amicus loses the emperorship Neferu is the only one who can help him get home! Get in his good graces you numbskull!

How do I recharge the pets' energy? I wanna keep training the dog.

Is there some sort of guide I can available on how to get the scenes?

Um... my game crashed in the epilogue when Z (can't be bothered to spell her name) went into the monument. I briefly got an error message I didn't have time to read and then the game restarted at the beginning like I was starting up a new game.

Was... was that supposed to happen? Was this entire thing just one massive troll?

So... I have a quick spoiler question. I just finished the second chimera battle and... Is the guy died ? Because you showed off his sex scenes on twitter and I didn't get to see them yet. What the heck? Was I supposed to go back for him? Is there a way to save him?