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beaucoup trop cool!!
on a joué un peu et on a eu un bug rigolo, si une personne arrete de bouger et que l'autre continue de bouger son gamepad se lock et elle fonce droit dans le mur. c'est peut etre du a ma machine mais ça ajoute un meta game de ouf.

Thank you!! I probably messed up something with the input, I'll fix that when I get back to it :) 

I'm glad you liked it, thank you for playing!

Ahah, thanks for playing,
I'm glad you got the "alarm" sound, I was afraid it might be unclear.

I made the game unravel pretty quickly because I didn't think it would be interesting on a long period of time and the end wouldn't be that surprising if you forgot what you got previously :)
 I appreciate the feedback though, thanks again for playing!

thank you!!

omg, thanks for playing!!

if you don't like the name frogg gave you, you can try to get a new one in this game
The frogg comes from this one :)

très cool comme ambiance, j'aime beaucoup les cassettes <3

j'ai les audiosources qui se coupent quelques secondes après le démarrage du jeu  mais sinon c'est trop cool :D

Ow, don't worry, I can make a 32bit version :) 

Hey, I tried to play but I couldn't grab the purple thing in the room on the right.

maybe adding the controls would help.

Other than that, the ambiance works really well, I love it!

Thanks for playing!
If you ever feel like playing again there's a some things you didn't see, the rythm is a bit slow for some players. I had a hard time balancing it :3

Thank you for playing :)

I'm really happy you liked it! It's my first time trying things with a lot of different sounds, blending them to make something ike this was quite interesting :)

Thank you for playing! I'm glad you liked it, most of the work was tuning the visuals to meet my intentions :)

Witness ghostly figures in the storm

don't worry, we're trying to finish it :3

best pumpkin carver 2018

the whole experience is really soft, the rumbling adds so much! thank for making it <3

I got totally lost and couldn't make it to the entrance but I really like what I saw up to this point :D

It's lovely, can't wait to try it with more people

Thanks !!! I'd love to make more levels for it one day :)

Thank you <3

Thank you for playing <3

Thank you for playing :)

there's not much to do except enjoying the island after the match

I think it's because I'm playing from an external hard drive but when I finished the 5th level, the level selection screen loaded without the 3D Mountain.


I just checked your game, it's pretty funny how the same idea can be used in a different setting :D

Hey, thanks for playing, I'm glad you liked it.
About the chromatic aberration, I read somewhere that we could add post effects/process that broke the 64px rule as long as the game itself was rendered in 64px. If the effect bothers you I can add the option to turn it off :)

Thanks :D
Piece of advice, the dunks score more points :D

Thanks :D

Thanks for playing :D
Yeah, that's an issue I had, I think the mouse sensibility is better in the win version than in the webgl build.

(1 edit)

Wooow ! Rad game you made here, Love the controls and the particles :D

This is a fantastic puzzle game, cute graphics, chill music, you did great :D

Day 4 update : 

Today I started making sprites and one of the problem I had was how to make a cool readable hand that felt responsive.

I tried using spheres with joints to simulate fingers

But I don't feel like the hand reads well, so I tried adding the body and the arm of the player 

But there's way too much noise on screen and it feels kinda goofy(it's not a bad thing but I need to chose a tone for the game)

I've another design for the hand that might be clearer but that's for tomorrow.

if you guys have any feedbacks about the ui or the fx I'd love to hear them :D

See you tomorrow for more bouncy balls and dunky dunks

Day 3 update : 

Today I added an additional mechanic : at some point the player nees to shoot the ball through a net to score more points, 

I added some text with more explanations about what's going on, a highscore system (which you cannot see yet but I'll add it in the menu and some feedback when you break it), and I started playing with the post effects, not sure about what I want/need.

You can play the day 3 build here :
I'm having trouble building a webgl version with unity (if anyone knows something about that I'd need some help)

Tomorrow I'll start making sprites for the game, and I'll try to make a cool tune for the background music.

I've seen some great prototypes for this jam, keep up the good work :D

Oi,  Today I started a little Dribbling game, for now the goal is to score points by dribbling the ball as much/as fast as you can, while avoiding the ball to be caught by other players' hand. I need to add bonus the player grabs with the ball to multiply his score, and make the ball a bit easier to control.

But those are tomorrow's plan, now it's break time.


Hey, thanks for playing!

There's a new build up, if you wanna try it :)