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Yes. "You can use the art provided by this asset pack for personal and commercial use."

I can if I press alt+enter 

Nice game!
IMHO, the background is pretty distracting, would be nicer to just have it blank.
Ideas: 100 hp, hits hit you for 40, 1hp/5sec regen, and enemies have random drops. Drops could be 10 hp heal, bullet bouncing shield for 3sec, etc... Additionally, every 30s a dice is thrown on the blank space on the side of the screen and an event happens according to the roll, for example, 3 new enemies spawn, you get 5 points, etc.

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cool! At first, I couldn't figure out you need to jump into the pit in level 4. This is against all gamer instincts.

Put some info on controls at the start of the game. Also, they are not intuitive.
I had a room with nowhere to go. Just a blocked wall. Worked after refreshing the website.

I love it. Took me around 5 hours to clear the game. Got 4 medals, and killed the evil cursed frog.

Thank you! :)

Garlic Bible let's go!

Why can't I jump with up arrow?

These are cool, I want more! :)

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Thanks for the comment :)
I also had to take notes for the last one :D
I tried on chrome, edge, opera, and firefox and it works ok for me. Maybe it's a problem with some extension.
What is your monitor resolution?

You are welcome, pal.

Cool :)

add a shortcut to advance one frame without blinkin

When the time runs out you get an infinite alert loop.

Cool idea, but the opponents are really unpredictable

a comment in the comment section

I like your game page, the graphics and typography look sweet.

Tip: use the Better WebGL template from github instead of the default

Pop up menu with the elements is bugged and can't be closed.

Doesn't work can't select character. Tried clicking with the mouse, space enter qwertyuioopasdgjfdghkl;'zcxn b,bg and nothing happens


Got to 27k, it's hard to see the cursor and it would be nice to be able to change the background or slimes' color.

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Thats funny!

My score:


I like them, thanks for sharing! :)

pink squares make sound but they don't shoot like 50% of the time, I think it's a bug

The ui is a little bit confusing at first (I expected I can drag the towers to the dots), but after a while I got it and it's pretty fun

You should check out better unity webgl template on github :)

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Thank you, it's indeed a bug, I will fix it as soon as I can.

Edit: Fixed.

Thanks! :)

Got to level 2 and blobs ate me. :D

The setting menu says using NumEnter should use item, but it pauses the game instead.

You can control one character with WASD, but arrows don't control the second one, which is confusing.

That is so cool.


Cool game, you should add WASD and arrows and it will be golden

Definitely possible, just really hard. :)