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I agree.

It looks like the 'raw' version of the rules is not present and the clean version has at least one rule cut off at the end.

Your welcome!

Just want to help keep all this wondrously currious Wanderhome work together.

Might make a collection or two as well one of these days.

Please do not forget to add the 'wanderhome' tag.

It will make it less likely for your work to become lost.

It's up now, thank you kindly. Only today have I decided to start this series and boy is that first episode weird, but the right kind if that makes any sense. 

The right kind of weird makes one feel and think of things and thoughts anew, like a good remix. 

Could you mark the download file for the itch launcher? Please?

Agreed, it would be convienent and apreciated. :)

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My father is no longer in this world, so I kept my choice to my grandfather first. There were three that I ended up debating with:

  1. 'Alberto, I Read You And I Feel More Free'
  2.  'The Golden Derelict'
  3. 'My Cute Neighbour'

This is what I would still have chosen if my dad was still alive and assuming most other things about me stayed the same if he was still here. I felt that poetry focusing on the familiar sensations of life, but focused in a moment of meditative, reading was the gift I would hope to give. The reasons for the other two are self explanatory.

Y'all did a great job with this one in capturing that felling of indecision in choosing a gift to better bridge a gap in trying to know someone one should know intimately.