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Very promising! This game clearly has a real sense of style and a beautiful aesthetic. This demo gives a nice little slice of the action in store. It also teases a cool narrative involving a mother-daughter dynamic and an exotically imagined gun-slinging theme, making for a novel spin on the classic rescue-from-the-underworld mythological trope.

This was fun! Only took me a minute of playing to go from "I'm going to check this out" to "I'm not closing this game until I finish it". The music and art add a lot of charm, and each episode felt uniquely engrossing in design. Short-and-sweet done really well.

Really great job with the cinematic camera movements, and the town setting looks cool. I like the lighting in the town, with the street lamps in the night - it must hard to get that looking just right. I only played a little bit because of the language barrier but it looks like a cool project! 

I loved the character animations, and I found the darkness mechanic interesting. It's such a natural desire as the player to want to be able to use the flashlight, so I think the batteries are a very natural and effective carrot-on-a-stick to keep you scrounging in darkness as you begin to run out of hope - your mental map of the level becoming weaker with every step.