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when is the release date for the full game?


that was so sad i loved it :,)

what does the text mean, about the citrus and stuff, the sweat being transparent? i mean not to pull an english major here but it seemed like it could be meaningful (or the full-word equivalent of a keysmash).

this game is really good rad okay its sick as frick and my only question is was the tape dude the bad dude the whole time???? in this essay i will

dont you fricking dare


now that i. pLAYED ur GAM E

bro this game is legit amazing and i love the plot twist like m night should be scared bc ur taking over the plot twist industry 10/10 great game my dude

indeed it does. you did like an,, amAzing job and i just ashhahahshshasasasaskjkjkjkjkjk its gREAT T

oof i am NOT an experienced computer user but it's all good and cool so thank you for helping me realize the problem sorry to bother you lol

nice channel

beautiful game. love i

i love this game and can't wait for the full version. the only issue i experienced was that every time i got out of the game, i had to start over because there was no way for me to save my progress.

hey, i tried downloading the RTP version and the nonRTP version, then downloading the RTG VX Ace, but the game window will not let me click on anything (by that i mean "new game" and "quit"), even though i followed all instructions from both sites. any suggestions?

dude this game is sic