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Hello, I liked the game I do have some suggestions of what you can you to make your game even more fun and enjoyable. First the AI seems very simple and easy I would recommend have the AI follow the player in a certain distance of the player so it makes it harder for the to ignore them and will need to kill them compared if you did not you can easily skip it. Second you should fix the boss and have the boss follow the player and shoots in both directions because right now in the game you can go right behind the boss and kill him without having any sort of challenge. Third the spikes don't have a natural feel to it because when you are in them you can feel that you hit the hit box I would have it as a ghost object the spikes and would recommend having the spikes to instantly kill the player if they come in contact with them or maybe if the player lands on it. It will teleport the player to it's last location and subtract some health from the player. These are some things you can improve on in your game but so far it's great and is still fun but using these ideas you can make your game even more enjoyable and more fun if you are still working on this project. 

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The game is fun and I enjoy it but I found a bug that you might want to fix. When you place the path that lets skiers go down it will sometimes allow you to have the house on the path. The smaller rocks also do the same thing. 

When you have to many skiers the game tends to freeze for me. At first it was running well but the more I got the more it started to lag.

I would recommend looking into unity's job system.