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Howdy there meinos~ Welcome to Itch! was actually surprised you didn't already put the game here. Also yah its bayo from the discord

so is this all of the episodes bundled together, or do i need to hunt down the other episodes individually? 

How much do we need to know about the project before it to get what's going on with this one? Are there profiles for characters we can consult? 

Also, on a separate note. Who are the available Love interest? 

i have no idea what is going on here but i like the artstyle. Care to give an introductory thing? Love Interests and ecetera. I am very curious but i want to know what i'm in for 

So, consider me interested. I have a coupe of questions though. How involved is the romance? Like is there an option for a f/f romance for example. 

How long are you aiming for in the final product? How far along is it in development? 

Thanks in advance for answering. See you on the other side

how long is the gameplay on this? I am very interested in this one, but i want to know how much i can pump out of this game