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dun dun dunnn

(Dramtic music plays while you read this comment!)

Suggestion: Custom Mechs?!?!?!?

I know, that really annoys that, because i loveto use teleporters. Please Fix it if you can Anuke.

btw if i put this in the wrong place, sorry. Just found out about (Thanks to this game =D)


I love it so much. It is so fun and i cant wait to see more additions to it.

I have some suggestions if you wanna put them in:

Make a turret Ammo detector. It detects how much ammo a turret has, and if it needs ammo, unblocks a conveyor to let ammo. I would use this a lot since my turret conveyors get overflowed and i don't really like it to much.

Maybe a storage bock, and different tiers? Could be useful in some places.

Be able to move the centre block.

More types of mechs.

A custom map builder?

A drag tool for placing many blocks at once.

Multiplayer? I don't know why you would want it, it just popped into my head. Maybe PvP modes were you have to invade the other teams base, or maybe a co-op with many different bases.

A SUPER MAP. Were your not defending your centre block, but maybe a town or city? I think that would be cool.

Maybe a space map or maps?

Some wack and crazy blocks and mines. Like some stuff that could blow-up at any second, but if you have it, you will reap the rewards. 

I like the power system. It takes some getting used to, But maybe you could add some wires of some sort. I just find it a bit weird to work with power lasers, but i still like them.

If did add any of these, please do the Custom map builder. I would really want that.

Thanks for reading (If you did) and Thanks for making this game. Keep adding awesome things to it and keep up the awesome work!