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this was spooky 

I Also Played Theater Unrest This One Was Amazing As Well GREAT JOB Especially for being free!! Very Creepy Atmosphere and Great Sound effects Nice JOB!! Can't Wait To Play More From you!!!! 

Very Very Well Done gave me the creeps and made me think alot. Very well made game can't wait to play others from you!

Really Interesting Game! Thanks for the scary and fun experience!!

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Very creepy really good thank you so much 

Great Game Had So Much Fun! Thank you guys so much!

This was really something! Nice job though had fun playing it had a good laugh and a good scare!

this games still going strong 

interesting game had some fun! And had a few scares

Very creepy and lots of fun! Watch us freak out! Just wish it was a wee bit longer

Very Cool Game Love The Atmosphere Of It! Thanks For The Awesome Experience Cant Wait For The Full Release!! Very Scary As Well 

Thanks so much had a blast playing this really well done!

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I would make the beeping quieter and have the computer charging a bar so you can see how much time exactly and have some sort of ending maybe in between the days where you are walking have like something you need to collect to move on

Very Cool Game Check Out The Gameplay Here

Very Scary Would 100% Reccomend! Try it out if you want a good scare. Hope you like the game play 

Very Awesome Game, Can't Wait To See More Games From You Guys!