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I'm not sure if there is voting phase at all.

Thank you for hosting this jam!

We ran into quite some difficulties, but I met a couple great people along the way and had a lot of fun making a game for this jam.

I can show you both, do you use Discord?

I'd like to invite you to our Discord server and explain everything in detail.

I can't seem to find out how to send you a private message on here though.

Our programmer used Python with Godot I think, but we have no access to his code, so it would be made from scratch anyway.

I'm not a programmer, but I think the game concept itself is pretty basic and simple, because our programmer whipped up a demo that is close to the finished game in about an hour or two.

If you want to help, you could basically use whatever language you want. Bonus brownie points if it's something like HTML5 so the game can be played in a browser, but that's not a must-have.

Thank you!


Thanks for the offer. I still hope that we will find someone who will help us out, but if we can't make it in time I will gladly take you up on your offer.

Thank you! :)

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Hey guys and gals!

We have a bit of an emergency on our hands and need a programmer to help out real quick.

The reason is that our programmer is nowhere to be found at the moment and the deadline is getting closer by the minute.

We have all assets ready except the actual code, but we have a couple notes from our programmer and a demo of an earlier version of the game that basically shows the basic gameplay.

It's around 11 PM where I live and I need to go to bed right now because I have to work tomorrow, but I am willing to pull an all nighter, because we have really put a lot of work into this game (despite it being quite simple) and I dare to say that our art and our music and sound design is top-notch.

Also we want to port this game to mobile, put it on Steam etc., so I can offer anyone willing to help us revenue share at least.

So if anyone is willing to help out I'd really, really appreciate it!

Thank you!