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the jump in the bottom right is too tough for me, I am not smart enough to figure it out

I didn't play gta in a long time, the series took a interesting direction

so good.

i like the plants

Don't make it easier! I would have actually even liked if it was harder :). It was fun overall, great art and music! I am not sure if it was only on my pc but some of the text was sadly hidden behind the character arts.

Got to 13 eggs! Cute penguin. Cool game!

Oh man I love minesweeper. 5x5 minesweeper is really interesting. I really enjoyed playing it and even managed to solve a grid! 7x7 is too much for me haha. Good job making this!

Very cool! Somehow I managed to win on my exact first try haha. After that I went in to see that I really got quite lucky with how many options there are to die. Cool game, and also very nice atmospheric music.

So wholesome! Amazing that you also managed to make music :). Good job~