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Such a good game. It's a joy to play the new version. The speed increase makes such a difference. The only thing I miss is more xmas music jams. Now is same tune on every level.

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The new character Timo looks very cool and retains the "feel" of Henry. Well done. I am very much looking forward to this game.

Quality game! 

Only thing I miss is combined music+sfx in-game. But since you guys provided the MP3s I could pop it on in the background while enabling sfx.

Amazing port!! well done

Promising game. Very good graphics. Interesting controls with short and long jumps. It has quite trolly level design which is a plus XD

This is an awesome and challenging game. Good controls, music and gfx, but the lack of SFX is a bummer. Need to make the PEW-PEW-PEW in your brain XD

Quality stuff! WOW

Brilliant port! It feels slightly more forgiving than the original, which is a good thing! I was able to score 4400 points on my first run ( never got that many points on the original ) 👍

Time to play some more XD

haha! super game :D

yes, auto save. it will say on the screen that it is saving

you must take long breaks to reduce the noise meter. santa is noisy af 🤣

what a nice game. the save feature is brilliant. gotta plan carefully how to navigate the houses coz if you do a mistake like pushing furniture in front of the chimney you're screwed.

why is it called abbey(s) and not abbey?

FS-UAE runs on apple sillycon.

fantastic collection, you guys are killin it!

is for 6581 or 8580?

enjoyable game. feels a bit like a demo version of something bigger. the core gameplay is great. would like to see more enemies, upgrades, weapons and stuff like boss fights every 10th floor, larger arenas.

wow!! this rocks, thanks :D

what a nice surprise. the original basic version is almost unplayable but the compiled one is pretty gangnam nice. i could wish the fill rate was a bit faster (hey but what can you do lol) but other than that flawless!!

Fantastic work. He looks great.

this is a great little game!

Excellent. Remember to update the screenshots on this page too :)

PS There is a typo on the screen: LIFES should be LIVES

well done! this plays sooo good. more fluid than the original c64 version as well as eliminates some of the annoying quirks. just had a quick game and i can say that i'm really impressed. i don't remember how many monsters were on screen in the original, but here we got at least 9 moving sprites with no slowdowns and a lot of variation in the levels.

S1ck! Had a lot of fun with Marble Boy so looking forward to this one.

Pretty good! well done

nice little demo. controls seem very well implemented. gorgeous graphics! this looks promising.

Super cool

yes, that's possibly it. i experience it occasionally. 

thanks for telling me about the option to toggle music/sfx. in my opinion it would be nice to have a separate screen with instructions rather than having this in the scrolltext. but i can only blame myself for not reading it.

wow, and all in a single 80 block prg! controls are good, graphics are beautiful and the music is banging (6581 sounds best on the tune). wish there was some sound fx as well.

a small issue i noticed is that when you land a fall from a medium height and immediately press the button to switch gravity, it doesn't always register (vice 3.7 using keyboard).

that was quick. very nice! 👏  just gave it a go 👍

this looks great but wheres the water XD

Impressive preview I must say! Looks fantastic and plays really well (collision detection could be somewhat improved). I am really looking forward to see more of this!! Awesome work