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Cool! I wasn't able to get past the first shark. How do you do it? xD Nice job.

The themes are on the front page. Have fun making games everyone! :D

Cool! Like the TARDIS, right?   :)

Nice! You definitely have a lot of ideas! :)

Got a theme you would like to see in this jam? Post a list of your favorite themes here!

Thanks so much James! I really appreciate it :)

Ah! Yes! I noticed that after I published the game, I was so bummed! (Trust me, it bothers me too) Maybe post-jam I can add a keyboard feature for the home menu?

Great! xD Thanks for playing!

Cool, but a bit weird.

I can see. The free movement, ninja parkour really felt nice. I think you would be able to make an amazing game if this concept was expanded further.  Great job!

117 seconds... How did I do?

The controls are pretty nice, and just like what the description says it feels very free. I just think the graphics could be a bit nicer. Other than that, it was cool! :D

Sorry, last question about judging:

Are games judged by criteria (theme, gameplay, etc.) and if so what are they?

Thanks! :D

Yeah, this was my first game jam. I had a different game idea the first day, but abandoned it and made something else the second day. It stressed me out! ;) Anyways, I enjoyed the jam!

Ah, that makes sense. Maybe bump up the acceleration speed? I don't know. Great game though!

This game is awesome! The controls are so intuitive, I love it! It reminds me of Geometry Dash or Super Meat Boy. I feel though that the game could be even better with upgraded graphics. Anyways, amazing job! :)

Yeah, it would be nice to know this also.

Wow! The whole "emulator feel" made this game feel very retro. I enjoyed it! I will say however that the physics felt a bit sluggish, especially with the jetpack thing.

Thanks for clearing that up! :)

Thank you! I could possibly add more gamemodes, and maybe add more hazards (like the laser and water). Anyways, thanks so much for leaving a comment!

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Hi, this is my first game jam. Will all games be given a score? (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.) Or will there just be winners of each category? (large pizza, medium pizza, etc.)